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Kids Playhouse Furniture and Design Plans

Sharing our top picks for kids playhouse furniture, and the design plans for our new outdoor playhouse build! Perfect mini furniture pieces for your kids!

Family ready to build playhouse

See these smiling faces? These are the faces of DIYers that are about to build the ULTIMATE kids playhouse! We have three kids under 6, and since the day our oldest was born, we’ve been talking about building them a playhouse. Our playhouse dreams are finally coming true. We are picking out kids playhouse furniture, designing rooms, and choosing our rainbow colour palette.

Kids playhouse mood board

We are building our modern playhouse as part of the Jeffrey Court All-Star Renovation Challenge! That’s right, All-Star! Jeffrey Court has gathered eight amazing DIYers (or pairs of DIYers!), and we are all creating beautiful spaces for a chance to win the big prize at the end.

We have six weeks to renovate a space with the help of Jeffrey Court, Behr Paint, and FrogTape, who are all providing materials for our build projects.

Does tile in a playhouse sound like overkill to you?! I might be… lol. But we’re basically building a miniature house! In six weeks! We’re going to frame it in, insulate it and protect it from any water damage.

We recovered old door pieces from our local ReStore, and old, working window frames from friends. We’ll be able to have sleepovers in this amazing mini home!

Modern Playhouse Design Plans

playhouse design plans for modern kids playhouse

Above is the photo of what our modern playhouse will look like. It has a sloped roof with a cute modern door, that will be painted with the colour Carbon by Behr.

It will have actual siding (we did say miniature house, right? lol) in a black colour, and a brown to mimic the feel of cedar. It will also have a little loft inside, and a deck outside.

We will be sharing the full build plans when the design is done, but we want to wait until after the build is done in case we need to make any changes as we go.

Kids Playhouse Furniture Ideas

Kids playhouse design plans

We are putting tile in the playhouse, and it’s gonna look amazing! We’re doing a lot of prep work to make sure that the house won’t shift and the tile stand up over time. We’re using two beautiful tiles, one for the backsplash in the faux kitchen and one for the flooring.

If you’re ever going to do a fun patterned tile, isn’t a kids space a great place to do it?! Or bathrooms, or laundry rooms, etc. but you get the idea, lol.

Then there’s the interior of the playhouse! I looked all over for kids furniture that was cute, modern, and would fit the playhouse. It wasn’t all that easy to find! But here’s what I came out with:

Rainbow colours by Behr Paint

We can’t make a kids playhouse without a tiny kids feature wall, can we?! You know how much we love a good wall design!

When I asked what my kids wanted in their playhouse, the answer was unanimous: rainbows. If you know me at all, the thought of painting the whole little house rainbow colours made me cringe a little bit… but we found a compromise.

I have a feature wall in mind that uses, what I am calling, my muted rainbow colour palette, all of the beautiful rainbow colours, just a little less saturated, on a beautiful white wall.

You’ll have to wait to see what I chose for the design… any guesses?!? But in the meantime, here’s the colours I chose for the wall:

Video of Our DIY Playhouse Design Plans

Want to see an update? Good news is that we shared it all in our first vlog! We’ve already been building for a couple of weeks. Hear us chatting about our progress and our design choices, and watch as we raise up the first few walls!

Design Plan DIY List

I’m a huge list-maker, so as always, I’m sharing a big to-do list for our 6 week project:

  • Build Frame of Playhouse
  • Install Foundation
  • Raise Playhouse onto foundation
  • Finish Exterior
  • Finish Interior
  • Finish Deck
  • Sandbox underneath?
  • Order kids playhouse furniture
  • DIY Bench inside
  • DIY Light Fixture inside
  • Tiling
  • Paint/design Feature wall
  • Furnish and style

That’s it! Wish us luck xx

In the meantime, if you want to check out a fun Indoor Playhouse, we built this one for our kids bedroom and they LOVE it!

Want to Catch Up on Everything?

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Wednesday 19th of January 2022

Hello, we just love this design you all came up with. I was curious if you had actual dimensions of the playhouse that you could share?


Sunday 23rd of January 2022

We've drawn up *most* of the design! I'm sorry we haven't shared them yet. I'll see if we can get them up this month for you!