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DIY Playhouse for Kids

An amazing DIY Playhouse for kids! This outdoor playhouse build will blow you away with its modern kids furniture, kids kitchen, and upstairs loft!

DIY outdoor playhouse build

It’s a beautiful day for a playhouse reveal, isn’t it? We’ve spent the last 6 weeks building this tiny home playhouse for our three kids and we are so excited to share the finished playhouse today! Our DIY playhouse includes a miniature kitchen, living room, dining room & more!

gorgeous modern playhouse design

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This playhouse build was part of the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge. We had six weeks to makeover a space, and we chose to build this amazing playhouse. The challenge is hosted by Jeffrey Court, along with Behr Paint and Frogtape!

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Final Touches on Our DIY Playhouse Build

If you’re not sure, how we got here, you can follow along with the entire playhouse build starting at WEEK ONE when we shared our design plans!

Beautiful modern black and white tile combination

This week we had a few interior touches to do before we could bring in all of the furniture and decor to make this playhouse a play home!

We started by tiling the floors and mini wall with these beautiful tiles! The mosaic on the floor has me wishing I had done it in my own home. It’s soooo beautiful!

The mini black subway tiles are so lovely too! It was the perfect choice for this mini kitchen, but with the black grout it’s so pretty! I’m already picturing it in my future laundry room… lol.

DIY kids feature wall with paint

Other other big project before we finished off the playhouse was painting our scalloped rainbow feature wall! Thanks to our Wagner Paint Sprayer we were able to paint the entire interior in just a couple hours (primer and then paint!), and we were ready for feature wall paint!

I love this wall so much. The only thing my girls asked for in here was rainbow colours and this is how I delivered them.

My oldest daughter even helped me do it! We did the whole wall in about an hour. It was super fast and easy. It looks modern and playful and is everything I was hoping for in this space.

Video Reveal of Our DIY Playhouse

Want to see a video tour of the space? Watch the whole video tour of the playhouse and our children’s adorable reactions to their new play home.

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Our DIY Playhouse Exterior

modern kids DIY playhouse with sandbox underneath

From the outside, you probably wouldn’t even know that it’s a playhouse. We made this playhouse so that the kids could use it all year round, and covered it in beautiful siding.

With the help of DAP Canada we also finished off the interior, insulating it and making it watertight!

DIY mail box build

We added a cute, and functioning, mail box beside the door so that the kids had something fun on the exterior too!

sandbox under playhouse

Underneath the house portion of the playhouse, we also built a big sandbox! We didn’t have sand for it right away, but we’re planning on lining it (so that the sand doesn’t go everywhere!), and filling it with sand for the kids.

Our DIY Playhouse Interior Design

We built the front door to mimic our own exterior front door and LOVE the little glass openings. While the outside is that beautiful black paint, the interior is stained and looks amazing from inside.

Modern playhouse door build

We added matte black knobs and hinges, which really pop against the stained door!

Beautiful black knob

When you walk in, there is a ladder right beside the door leading to the loft, and then on one side is this adorable mini living room and dining room.

modern kids space with table and built-in bench

Then one the other side is our mini playhouse kitchen, with a rock wall in between as the second way up to the loft!

rock climbing wall in playhouse

Our Playhouse Living Room and Dining Room

I cannot get over how cute this place looks on the inside! Everything we bought and DIY’d came together so perfectly.

DIY kids outdoor playhouse

The little couch was an amazing find. I can’t tell you how hard it is to find modern looking little furniture pieces, lol. This one comes with removable (& washable!) covers, and the arms fold over the ottoman to make a bed if the kids want to have a sleepover in here one day.

I joked about wanting to bring an adult chair in here one day so that I can hang out too, but the couch is actually super comfortable for adults too. I can sit on there with the kids and they love it!

small couch for kids

The dining room nook is one of my favourite parts of the space.

modern kids table and chairs

The rainbow feature wall and the mosaic tiled floor both look amazing here and the patterned play off each other so beautifully.

patterned black and white tile

The built-in bench and table were both built by my husband and custom make for the space (let us know if you want a tutorial!). They fit perfectly with the little chairs we bought and really make it all feel like a little kitchen.

DIY kids table

And did I mention that we DIY’d that light fixture? The pendant was actually an old bowl and an old thrifted lamp that we combined into one beautiful pendant light! The whole space is perfect.

kids dining room with built-in bench, table, and pendant light
modern kids home

Our Playhouse Kitchen

Then on the other side is our adorable mini kitchen. We bought the kitchen sit online, put up a real tile backsplash, and made some floating shelves, stained to match the front door.

modern kids kitchen

This mini kitchen gets me every time. I wish the kitchen in my real home was this cute!

gorgeous playhouse kitchen

The details in here really make the space come together. I decorated the shelves with a few things we had, and a few dollar store finds, and spray painted all of the knobs, handles and faucet gold to match the rest of the accessories.

mini utensil holder
letterboard in kids room
modern kids kitchen
Kids kitchen with backsplash
DIY Kids Kitchen

We also did a couple of sentimental art pieces that I added at the last minute. The hand prints are from my three kids, in their favourite colours, so that they can always remember how big they were when we built the playhouse.

The little crowns are for each of my kids too, to go along with our playhouse name “Kids Landing!”, and to continue playing off of the “King’s Landing” motif.

Kids kitchen with DIY artwork

Our Playhouse Loft

Finally we made a loft space for the kids. It may not look that big, but both my husband and I can sit up here comfortably with the kids! It’s surprisingly big!

modern kids space with table and built-in bench

We decided to put the playhouse name on the wall, and play off of the coloured feature wall below it.

playhouse with a loft

I really wanted this loft space to feel fun and cozy, like their own personal reading nook, so we added some bookshelves that we had on hand from a previous project.

painted playhouse name

If they even sleep up here, I imagine it will be on this side of the loft, so I didn’t want to clutter it at all. I just added some soft pillows, etc. to make it cozy.

reading nook in playhouse loft

Then the other side holds the mini arm chair that we bought for the space. I think my toddler likes this arm chair more than anything else in here! It makes for the perfect reading nook.

reading nook with kids arm chair
modern kids arm chair
kids loft with bookshelves

Our Kids in Their New DIY Playhouse

We’ve been living in the playhouse since it was finished. I’m so happy that the kids love it in here! You can see their full reactions in the video above!

playing at kids kitchen
climbing playhouse rock wall
playing in modern kids kitchen
kids reading in playhouse
girls in the loft of their playhouse

Playhouse Sources


Living Room/Dining Room



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A huge thank you to Jeffrey Court, Behr Paint, and FrogTape for hosting the All Star Renovation Challenge.

Also a huge thank you to DAP Canada, Schlage Canada, and Wagner for helping us finish this beautiful space!


Friday 14th of July 2023

I would love to know how you made the little table?!

Suellen Remington

Monday 8th of May 2023

Oh My goodness I’m in love with it! Your kids are soooo lucky! I really would liked to try make one, but I could find the plan. You guys are sooo talented.


Tuesday 27th of September 2022



Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

Have you shared the plans for your playhouse. We love it and want to build one for our kids.


Wednesday 24th of March 2021

Hey! Thank you for the nudge! We have started the plans, but we haven't finalized them or posted them yet! We'll see if we can get it done asap in time for this spring! *fingers crossed*


Friday 12th of February 2021

How much did this playhouse cost to build? It's Incredible! What I dreamt of having when I was a little girl!


Saturday 13th of February 2021

I think it cost around $8000 all finished! Our kids definitely love it! <3