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Stunning Concrete Decor Ideas

Love the trend towards concrete decor in the home? There are so many quick and easy concrete decorations that you can make at home at add industrial style and flair to your home! Concrete is a sleek and modern home trend!

Meet concrete, my friend who has long been an element of industrial design (which we know I love from this DIY table, and this organizer, and this shelf, etc., etc.,). But have you noticed concrete decor sneaking into the realms of modern design too? Concrete is such a unique and inexpensive material that it’s easy to see why people would gravitate to it. Originally people saw concrete decor as cold, but now we are loving the raw texture and recognizing concrete pieces for their unique beauty.

Why do we love concrete decor?

Inexpensive and unique. Take a look for yourself! Here are a few of my favourite current favourite concrete projects:

Concrete Soap Dish by Love Create Celebrate

This concrete soap dish is elegant and functional!

Concrete Lamps by Homemade Modern

I love this concrete lamp!

Tiered Concrete Planter by Anika’s DIY Life

This tiered concrete planter makes a bold decorating statement.

Concrete Candle by Love Create Celebrate

A concrete candle holder is simple, yet stunning.

Faux Concrete Rug by The Uncookie Cutter

This faux concrete rug is a stunning concrete decor idea!

Concrete Nightstand by Homemade Modern

A concrete nightstand is simple and functional.

Concrete Vases from Tin Cans by Love Create Celebrate

Tin cans can be used to make concrete vases.

Decorative Concrete Signs by Paint Yourself a Smile

Decorative concrete signs are simple to make and look amazing!

Tall Concrete Planters by Garden Therapy

These tall concrete planters will be awesome for inside or outdoor decorating!

Single Stem Vases by Love Create Celebrate

Single vases can be fashioned from concrete!

Concrete Vases by Homemade Modern

Concrete vases can be made in all different shapes and sizes.

Mini Square Planters by Love Create Celebrate

I love these mini square planters made from concrete!

If you’ve never done anything with concrete before, a bag costs less than $10 and one bag could probably make all of the above projects! Ok… except for the side table maybe, but I had to include a piece of furniture, because it’s stunning!

I hope you’re feeling inspired to pull out a bag of concrete! If you have any questions, please ask!

Amy Winters

Thursday 24th of January 2019

I like how you said that concrete has transitioned from being industrial to being modern. Lately I've been bored with my home, so I've been looking online for design ideas to shake things up. I think I'll consider using concrete for unique and modern touch.


Wednesday 30th of August 2017

Love all of these! I am itching to make some. I bought some concrete . . . and it has been sitting waiting for some inspiration, now I can't wait to try something :) Have a great week and thanks for sharing with us!


Thursday 31st of August 2017

Oh! I'm so glad you found some inspiration! Send me a pic or tag me when you make something! I'd love to see!

April R - Uncookie Cutter

Friday 25th of August 2017

I love them all, and thanks for including my "rug". Awesome roundup!


Friday 25th of August 2017

Thanks April!! When I do a concrete furniture round-up, I'll have even more of your beautiful pieces in there!