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Loving August

Sharing all of the reasons that we are loving August! A sneak peek into my life and activities outside of the blog. Come hear what we are up to!

“I can’t do this!”

That’s what I said when I called my mother during my first week home as a stay at home mom. Tears in my eyes [Yes, this grown woman still calls her mom for help, lol]. Leaving my job was really hard for me. I really liked my day job. I loved working as a Speech-Language Pathologist. I felt like I was helping people every single day at work. Leaving work was always something I had talked about, but losing my child care and not having any other options really made me feel like I was forced to quit. I hadn’t come to terms with that yet.

Then throw a child learning to sleep in a big girl bed into the mix, add a bunch of sleep-less nights, and nap-less days, and there you have it: a mom that wants to quit being a mom after a week. But then things got better, as they always do. The toddler is learning to sleep well in her bed. We get to go for walks in the middle of the day. I get to send important blog e-mails in the middle of the day. Life is good. Life is great.

So in the midst of all this adjustment… here are a few reasons I’ve been loving August:

Loving: My bath tray! With so much stress this month, you know I needed a relaxing soak!

Build your own DIY Bath Table with this simple tutorial! Bath trays are the perfect bathroom accessories to add character and style! Love that this bathtub tray has a wine glass holder too!

Creating: Fun new modern fall decor (Stay tuned!)

Celebrating: Time with family! We got to spend a week and a bit with some family on the west coast and we enjoyed every minute! Here are a few photos:

Reading: This book. Broken family books always get to me.

Writing: A tutorial for this fall sign from last year. Finally! Watch for in the next week or two!

A beautiful cozy home tour for the fall. Love the warm and inviting home decor ideas for autumn!

Watching: Game of Thrones non-stop. Honestly, binge watching to catch up! lol.

Needing: More Maker’s Mix. I just had a few concrete fails… lol.

Planning: Where to put my existing furniture in our new home. I’m getting some great rug inspiration too, so I thought I’d share these layered rugs with everyone!

Beautifully layered modern modern rugs for any room in the home! LOVE this beautiful design trend and now you can incorporate it into your home with beautifully layered sisal, jute, cowhide, and modern rugs. Love this bedroom!

Dreaming About: My new couch!!! Chiks Design Group is helping me find the perfect couch and I’m SO excited!

Wearing: My favourite denim jacket. Every day. Because it’s starting to feel like fall already!

Coveting: All of the working moms. I love my kids, but some days I really miss leaving the house for work.

What’s Working for Me Right Now: These two wood stains: Natural and Ebony. I’ve used them in SO many projects lately!

Like this one:

Make your own modern Built-In Shelving with this simple DIY tutorial. Love the natural wood used in this beautiful bathroom renovation! Great tutorial for DIY shelving in the bedroom, living room, or any room!

And this one:

What’s Not: Painting glass… I had a major DIY fail this week. Anyone have any tips or suggestions?!

Anticipating: The arrival of my new chandelier!

I’d LOVE to hear what you are loving! What’s new and exciting?!

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