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Thrifted Wooden Bowl Makeover

Stunning thrifted wooden bowl makeover! Try this simple thrift flip to make a gorgeous modern pedestal bowl on a budget!

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Back with another easy thrift flip! I have yet to visit a thrift store that didn’t have wooden bowls lying around. There are so many wooden bowls that are beautiful pieces to restore and keep, or maintain the natural wood on, but the two I found today were past the point of no return, lol. I decided to take these not-so-old thrifted bowls and do a little wooden bowl makeover!

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Wooden Bowl Makeover Instructions

As I mentioned above, this simple DIY requires two bowls. I definitely would look past the pretty vintage ones (or scoop those up for your kitchen!), and head to some cheaper options instead.

For my thrift store bowls, we found one with the finish chipped off, and another that was just a cheap, unfinished bowl.

Materials Needed

  • Thrift shop wooden bowls
  • Sand paper
  • Wood glue
  • Large clamps
  • Matte black spray paint

Step-by-step Tutorial for my DIY Pedestal Bowl

We thought it would be fun for Russ to shop at the thrift store for items, and for me to transform them with whatever he found. When I saw these bowls and realized the bases were almost identical in size, I thought stacking them might make some beautiful shelf decor!

When they’re stacked, and glued, and one solid colour, they could really be transformed into something amazing.

Thrift Store Bowls

The first step is to sand them down, especially since they’re a little bit scuffed up. They don’t have to be sanded all the way down because you’re going to paint them afterwards and glue them together to make a little decorative piece that sits on the shelf.

The real goal of the sanding to to make sure everything is smooth. On the sides of my bowl where the finish is chipped away, I wanted to sand enough to feather out the finish and keep all sides smooth.

Once everything was sanded down, I used wood glue and a large clamp to attach them together until the glue dried. If you don’t have a large clamp, you could also much something heavy inside to hold the top bowl onto the bottom one.

Finally, gave the whole piece a coat of spray paint. I chose matte black (rather than glossy), because I thought it would look like a much more expensive and sophisticated piece in a matte finish.

Spray Painting DIY Pedestal Bowl

The Finished Wooden Bowl Makeover

Here’s how my little sculptural bowl turned out. I do not think anyone would guess that this was a thrift flip. It looks like something you would buy in a high-end store and I love the look of this DIY pedestal bowl, especially for just decorating my vignettes and my shelves!

DIY Pedestal Bowl
DIY Pedestal Bowl

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Thrift Store DIY Pedestal Bowl

DIY Pedestal Bowl | Wooden Bowl Makeover

Yield: 1

Stunning thrifted wooden bowl makeover! Try this simple thrift flip to make a gorgeous modern pedestal bowl on a budget!


  • Thrifted bowls
  • Sand paper
  • Wood glue
  • Matte black spray paint


  • Large clamps


  1. Sand the thrift store wooden bowls
  2. Glue the bowls together
  3. Clamp the bowls together until glue dries
  4. Spray paint the bowls matte black

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