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Triangle Pallet Planters

These Triangle Pallet Planters are a great way to add an updated spin to your patio. Check out these free plans to make your own.

Image of 2 triangle pallet planters

Well first off, it has been a long time since I’ve shared a build project with you! To jump back in we’re making these quick and modern triangle pallet planters. In addition to this project I promise I have a few more great builds in the works and more down below since we all know that one project is never enough!

Image of 2 triangle pallet plants displayed on a porch

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The best part of this project is that you can easily make a pair of these in one evening. They add an amazing and updated look to the front porch or balcony. Just imagine it on this beautiful deck.

Once you finish building these you can fill them with a variety of flowers and/or herbs depending on your preferences. Personally, I love, love, love some greenery in my spaces since it adds some brightness and simply looks good!

How to Make Triangle Pallet Planters

For starters, this project is fairly simple to make, especially if you follow the directions listed below. The one part of that project that may take a bit of time is cutting up the pallet. Once the pieces are cut the assembly will go quickly. Then after you make these for the first time you will enjoy them in your space so much you might even make more!

Materials Needed to Make the Planters

2x2x6 board (per planter)
2ft x 2ft piece of 1/4″ thick plywood (per planter)

Mitre Saw
Table Saw
Nail Gun

Image of an old pallet for the triangle pallet planters

I was able to get my pallets from my brother-in-law who owns his own company and he was kind enough to give us some that he doesn’t use anymore. If anyone out there has a great pallet source let me know! I’ll take them off your hands and I’ll be sure to share some new projects.

Cut the pallet apart with the Sawzall

Instructions for Building the Planters:

Start by tearing apart your pallet. The easiest way to do this is to use your sawzall to cut all of the edge connections right through the nails. Next, you will then cut through the middle of the pallet. As my husband always says, “The Sawzall saws what? It saws all!” haha.

Cut the first pieces into triangles for the base of the triangle pallet planters

Cut your 2×2″ boards to make your two base triangles. Choose the length you want and measure that as the outside edge. You will then set your mitre saw to a 60 degree and make a 60 degree cut inwards on both sides. Nail those pieces together. Make two of these. For my small planter, my triangles measured 15″ on the outside edge. My large ones were 17″.

Trace your triangle to make the bottom of the triangle pallet planters

Trace your triangle onto your plywood board, and cut out the shape on the table saw. Nail the plywood triangle to the bottom of one of your triangles, which will be your base.

Next, you will cut up your pallet boards. I cut my boards to 15″ long for the smaller planter, and 17″ long for the larger planter.  You’ll need a total of 15 boards.

Cut the pallet boards to the correct length using a table saw

Set your table saw to 45 degrees, and cut one corner off each of the six boards.

Measure boards carefully and cut your pieces using the table saw
Nail the two boards together for the triangle pallet planters

Nail two boards in place at the corner of your triangle. Once completed, you will have one gap at the edge – you will fill this gap with the piece you previously cut (see next picture).

Continue to nail together the triangle pallet planter

You will use the nail gun to nail down a couple of the boards to fill in the gaps.

Image of cut board with 45 degree angle

Do this with all three corners.

Carefully measure the remaining space and board

You will be left with a space that you have to measure. Measure that gap and use your table saw to cut a wood piece of the same width. Nail that board in place.

Measure the remaining space on the pallet
Measure length on top inside edge of the triangle pallet planter

Finally measure the length of the inside edge, mark it, and make a cut at 60 degrees with your saw. Do this three times to make the top of the planter.

Nail the top triangle into place on the triangle pallet planter

Next, nail the top in place and then you are done building!

Completed triangle pallet planter

Once you’ve finished building you can add some soil and plants. Now you can finally place them on your deck to admire :)

Fill the triangle pallet planters and enjoy them in your yard

These triangle planters are one of my favourite projects as I love incorporating geometric designs into my builds and designs. They bring so much character and creativity into spaces around my home. Make sure to keep an eye out for new geometric design projects that are coming if you love them as much as I do!

Triangle pallet planters from above
Another view of the triangle pallet planters on the patio filled with flowers
Triangle Pallet Planters

Triangle Pallet Planters

Yield: Multiple planters

Triangle pallet planters are a great way to add a creative spin to your patio. Check out these free plans to make your own.


  • Pallet
  • 2x2x6 board (per planter)
  • 2ft x 2ft piece of 1/4" thick plywood (per planter)


  • Sawzall
  • Table saw
  • Miter saw
  • Nail gun


  1. Tear apart pallet with Sawzall
  2. Use Sawzall to cut pallet down the middle
  3. Cut 2"x2" boards to assemble the triangle base
  4. Set miter saw to 60 degrees and cut inwards on both sides
  5. Nail cut pieces of triangle base together
  6. Trace triangle base on plywood piece and cut out shape
  7. Nail plywood to base
  8. Cut the pallet boards
  9. Set table saw to 45 degrees and cut one corner off each of the six boards
  10. Nail two boards in place at the corner of triangle
  11. Fill gaps with boards previously cut
  12. Measure remaining gap and cut wood of same width and nail in place
  13. Measure inside edge, mark it, and cut at 60 degrees with saw three times for top of planter
  14. Nail top in place
  15. Fill with soil and plants

But that’s not all, if you’re looking for more great planters, check out the ideas below!

If you have limited balcony space but still want to enjoy having beautiful planters be sure to check out this quick Hanging Wall Planter tutorial. This project is made only with dollar store supplies!

Modern hanging wall planter tutorial

And if you’re still up for making more planters, you’re in luck! Head on over to Pretty Handy Girl to take a look at her amazing Mini Planters.

Mini Pallet Planters
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