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Sunburst Mirror

Make a beautiful DIY Sunburst Mirror for your home with this great tutorial! Learn how to make this sunburst mirror with a few old coat hangers! This creative home decor idea will look beautiful in any room in your home.

I may say this about a lot most of my DIY projects, but this one has to be one of my favourites! Last month I asked you which material I should DIY with this month, and you chose Coat Hangers. I’m not gonna lie… I was hoping you would chose that, because I already had an idea in my head! Say hello to my brand new Sunburst Mirror. Come see how easy it was to make! 

This beautiful DIY sunburst mirror is made with coat hangers and is a modern, stylish decor piece!

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18 Coat Hangers
3/4″ piece of wood (1/4″ smaller than your mirror)
Circular mirror
Picture hanging hardware
3M Double-Sided Tape
Champagne and gold spray paint


Side Cutters
Drill bit sized to hanger (slightly larger)
Saw (for circle)

How to Make Your DIY Sunburst Mirror:

Create the center of your sunburst mirror from a piece of wood

I started with a circle that was slightly smaller than my mirror and traced it onto an old 3/4″ thick piece of wood.

Carefully cut out the center circle pattern, which will support the sunburst mirror

I used the band saw to cut my circle out, but you could use a jigsaw or scroll saw too.

Drill holes into the side of the wood center circle so you can attach the hangers

Next, drill holes into your wood. I found a drill bit that was slightly larger than my coat hangers and drilled three lines – one on each side and one in the center – all the way around the edge of the circle. I had 24 holes in each row at the end. I tried to make the holes so that they weren’t all lined up to off-set the hangers.

The holes should be just large enough to be able to stick the tip of a hanger inside Gather old wire hangers for this simple DIY sunburst mirror

This pile of hangers was surprisingly hard to collect! I even had friends “borrowing” a few out of their work closets for me! Obviously I need to visit the dry cleaner more often…

Cut apart the wire hangers and shape them into the sunburst

Next, take your side cutters and cut the tops off of the hangers (the curved part). Then you want to bend the sides. I bent them wherever I wanted by pushing them against a piece of wood. A counter top or any hard surface would work.

As you go, make sure to lay out your sunburst design to see how many hangers you need to cut, depending on how full you want the sunburst to be!

Lay the hangers out to make sure you like the look. [note: I cut more after this photo was taken because I didn’t think it was full enough]. I used a total of 18 hangers (36 pieces when cut up).

Spray paint the hangers to all be one color. I used black but you can use whatever color you'd like!

Then stick the hangers in a board and spray paint them. First paint the whole hanger with champagne, and then after that dries, paint the bottom half with gold. That will give your DIY sunburst mirror that ombre look.

You can use gold, black, or white spray paint to paint the hangers of your sunburst mirror Begin placing the hangers into the holes in the wood center

When they are all dry, you start placing them into the holes on your wooden circle. You have to push them in tight. You may want to dip the ends in wood glue to help them stay put if they aren’t staying.

You can use wood glue to secure the hangers into the wood center

Finally, I attached hanging hardware to the back of the mirror to hang it, and used 3M automotive double-sided tape to attach the mirror to the front.

Now hang it on your wall and enjoy your masterpiece!

This gorgeous sunburst mirror is a fun DIY project inspired by the popular Anthropologie design Old wire hangers create the sunburst effect on this DIY sunburst mirror A simple round mirror is the perfect final touch on this DIY sunburst mirror This DIY sunburst mirror looks amazing as part of a gallery wall Recycle old wire hangers to create the sunburst effect on this DIY mirror A sunburst mirror is an amazing DIY addition to any room This DIY sunburst mirror is the center of attention on this gallery wall

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Anthropologie Inspired DIY Sunburst Mirror made with recycled wire coat hangers


Saturday 22nd of May 2021

i have a question: so you made 3 line all the way around the circle and put 24 holes on each line making it 72 altogether??


Saturday 22nd of May 2021

Honestly this was so long ago, but yes, that sounds correct!

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