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Our Budget-Friendly Dining Room Makeover Plans

Beautiful budget-friendly dining room makeover plans! You don’t have to spend a lot to get a beautiful new space!

collage of dining room furniture and design with text overlay reading "dining room inspiration board"

Alright everyone – we’re diving in again! You might remember around this time last year, when we did a “Weekend Makeover” on our kitchen? We shared all of our kitchen design plans, then spent only ONE weekend renovating the kitchen, and came out with a beautiful kitchen reveal! Well, we’re doing it again! We’re going for a budget-friendly dining room makeover, and I can’t tell you how excited I am!

The first update of our modern dining room is done, but there are a ton more plans in the works. Love the minimalist nordic vibes in this room. Come let us know what you think!

A while ago we shared our dining room plans. I had, and still have, big plans for this space. But big renovations are not always in the budget. I really want to turn that window into a window seat. REAAAAALLY want to. But it’s not in the budget and we don’t have to time to commit to it right now. So it will have to wait. Despite that, there are a LOT of changes that we can make in just a few days and I’m excited to finally work on some of them!

Our Dining Room Makeover Plans

Modern dining room design

We are planning our renovation for: NEXT WEEKEND! April 5th-7th we will be LIVE on Instagram sharing our renovation and I’m VERY excited.

tried to get all of my dining room renovation plans into a mood board. I tried my hardest, lol. But this is the best I could do, and I’m still not 100% happy with this mood board.

Why?? Because the things I’m doing in this space, haven’t been done before! I tried really hard to find a beautiful space that gave off the same vibes that we want in our dining room, but I honestly couldn’t. This mood board looks a little darker than I want our space to be and a little more industrial than I’m looking for, but it’s the best I could do for now!

Here are some things we are hoping to accomplish during our weekend renovation:

1. New Flooring

If you’ve been watching us on Instagram, then you already know that I hate all of the orange flooring in our home – I’m replacing it one room at a time and this beautiful laminate flooring from Golden Select (which you can buy at Costco!) is the answer. Out with the orange and in with the new (in just one weekend, btw).

Costco luxury vinyl plank flooring

2. Build a New Table

Our current table is a crumb collector. Why anyone would design a table with teensy tiny slates that crumbs can get into, but fingers can get crumbs out of, is beyond me. I’ve wanted it replaced since the day my first born started eating at the table! I have always loved the look of live edge tables. They are beautiful. Conveniently for us…. Home Depot actually sells Steel Furniture Legs and Live Edge Countertops, so we are going to be build an entire new table in a weekend, and share the entire process with you!

DIY live edge table parts

3. Build a Feature Wall

You saw how easy this was in our entry, right? I’m going to make another suuuuper easy feature wall using some flat mouldings from Metrie, that look something like this:

flat moulding for budget-friendly renovation

This is “sort of” what the design will look like, but honestly, I can’t find anything online that looks even close to what we are doing, and this little graphic I made just doesn’t look very good, lol. So you’ll HAVE to follow along if you want to see the progress! I’ve also shown a wall in black here, but truly have no idea what colour I’m going to do yet! lol.

budget-friendly moulding wall idea

4. Add Shelving

The last thing we want to do, is use some brackets that we already have, some scrap wood, and some beautiful Rustoleum wood stains and varnishes to make ourselves some floating shelves. If you tune in, you’ll probably see us experimenting with some stain colours, because I still have no idea what colour we are doing or what wood tones are going to look nice together once we have the flooring in, and the table made.

Those are the big projects! There’s a few small things we might tackle if we have time, but I’m not 100% sure yet, so we’ll have to wait and see what time allows.

Feature wall, new table, new shelves, and new flooring. When I write it all out like that, it seems a bit daunting for one weekend… lol. But we’ll do out best! And fingers crossed it comes together looking a little more modern, and a little more polished than my design board! lol.

What do you think of our plans? Is that do-able in a weekend? Will you be watching?

Don’t forget that you can watch us LIVE ON INSTAGRAM ALL WEEKEND APRIL 5-7!

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Just Justin

Friday 5th of April 2019

I'm so excited to see the outcome!!!! :)


Sunday 7th of April 2019

We're almost there! Just one more day to finish it all up! :)