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16 Budget-Friendly Modern Dining Chairs

Beautiful and affordable modern dining chairs that you will love! Looking for a budget-friendly option? These are for you!

Collage of dining chair photos with text overlay reading "16 Budget-Friendly Modern Dining Chairs"

I wouldn’t describe myself as “cheap”. I mights describe my husband as cheap…. lol. But I am “budget-friendly”. That’s different, right? At least it doesn’t sound as negative. I see some furniture and think “Wow, that is stunning”, and then I see the price tag and think, “Noooooope!”. Don’t get me wrong, occasionally I splurge on some beautiful pieces. But usually I need to save up for those, and I expect them to last a loooooong time. Saving is more my jam. Today I’m sharing 16 budget-friendly modern dining chairs that you will love!

We’ve had two spaces recently that had me searching for modern dining chairs: our family computer desk and our dining room. The great thing about most of these modern dining chairs is that they are versatile. Anyone of these chairs would look great at a dining table, a kitchen table, or a computer desk! We ended up buying two for our computer desk, and staying with our old chairs for the dining room (just because we weren’t quite ready to spend any money), but I had looked up a LOT of chairs and narrowed it down to some of my favourites, so I thought I would share them!

16 Beautiful & Affordable Modern Dining Chairs

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grey fabric dining chair or desk chair

Creggan Upholstered Dining Chair – LOVE the look of this chair. This is the one we ended up buying for our computer desk and I love it. It’s one of the widest ones I could find that was still sleek. It’s comfortable (although maybe not for super long periods of time), but I can sit comfortably with my leg up on the chair – which is my funny test of whether or not a chair will work for me, lol.

modern black velvet dining chairs

Paluch Upholstered Dining Chair – These modern dining chairs are sold in a set of two, and it’s not a bad price, considering it looks much more expensive! This is actually the chair I want in my dining room if I can save a few more pennies. I LOVE the black velvet against the gold legs. It comes in a bunch of other colours as well though, including a beautiful blush version!

black and walnut dining chairs

Dundas Solid Wood Dining Chair – If you’re going for a more laid-back look, or a mid-century modern vibe, these may be the perfect chair for you! My only concern with then is the low back, so you may want to read some reviews and see if anyone complains about that? But I have a friend on Instagram who owns them and loves them! They look amazing!

modern black plastic dining chairs

Black Plastic Dining Chairs – These are the chairs that I currently have in our dining room. I love them because they are easy to dress-up! They make any table look better, and are very affordable! We used to have a not-so-pretty dining set, and just swapping out the standard chairs for a few of these guys made a huge difference! Plus they are actually pretty comfortable.

light grey dining chair

Birdsall Mid-Century Modern Upholstered Dining Chair – Love the minimalism of these grey guys. They also come is a very pretty blue colour if you’re looking for a pop of colour. These guys are very versatile and could easily be swapped around in different rooms!

modern blue velvet dining chairs

Chu Upholstered Dining Chair – Are these not the prettiest chairs ever?! I LOVE these! And the rounded backs are very on trend right now! Something about velvet chairs right now too… they all catch my attention! This would make any space feel a little more more chic.

walnut and grey mid-century modern dining chairs

Caesar Upholstered Dining Chair – If you’re looking for a wooden chair, this might be the one! This chair is so pretty from the front, side and back. Walnut is probably my favourite wood for chairs too. The design and colour combo is stunning.

modern grey fabric dining chair

Wadsworth Dining Chair – This is another very affordable option! You can order them in a set of four that they would match virtually any size or shape of table! Love the idea of four of these around a circular table!

cheap brown leather dining chairs

Centiar Dining Chair – If you’re a fan of leather, but not a fan of the price tag, this is a great faux leather, affordable option. If you had a little bit of a rustic or industrial vibe going on, these would be PERFECT! I love the colour of the dark leather too.

mid-century modern woven dining chairs

Villa Court Solid Wood Dining Chair – This chair is just so pretty! I would buy this chair just as an accent chair on the side of a room! It’s so pretty. Definitely a bit more suited to a casual dining room or kitchen table. They would pair beautifully with a bench seat!

modern and affordable dining chair in grey and walnut

Bergevin Upholstered Dining Chair – This is another great option for a modern dining chair to dress-up a table. The square lines make it feel very sleek and contemporary, but without a hefty price tag.

green velvet dining chair

Judith Velvet Dining Chair – Green velvet? Yes please! Sorry, I just couldn’t help adding another velvet chair to this list. Such an easy way to add chic style to your space!

White fabric dining chair

Yan Dining Chair – I’m still deep in the toddler phase at our home, but if I wasn’t, and I dared to look at white chairs, this would be the one! Love the rounded edges, the light colour of the legs, and the price tag!

black dining chairs

Alidade Dining Chair – These simple black chairs are the perfect kitchen chair. They wood look beautiful at any wooden table! I always love the way black contrasts against wood.

modern light wood dining chair

Castaneda Mid-Century Modern Dining Chair – If you’re looking for a light wood chair, the next two are my picks! The mid-century shape, and the scandinavian colours are perfect together!

blue modern dining chair

Goshorn Modern Upholstered Dining Chair – Another modern chair with scandinavian style. I love the way the legs come out on this one. These would look great at a desk of a table.

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