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Modern Wooden Pedestal DIY

Easy modern wooden pedestal made from dollar store supplies. Make your own modern version of the popular farmhouse style pedestal with this tutorial.

Plant and mug sitting on modern wooden pedestal with text overly

On a visit to Dollarama, I found this unique piece. I think it was probably supposed to be some kind of shelf. I loved the curves it had. It’s so hard to recreate curves like that! I knew I could make something fun with it, so of course, it came home with me.

hand holding wooden dollar store shelf

I know you have seen the farmhouse pedestals so many people have. the ones used for centerpieces on dining tables and kitchen counters. Maybe you have seen them used to elevate decor in a vignette. I have always loved the idea of a pedestal or riser, but farmhouse design is about as far from my design style as you can get.

Looking at the dollar store shelf, I came up with the idea of making a modern wooden pedestal. The curves of the shelf were perfect for what I was thinking.

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How to make a modern wooden pedestal


Step-by-step tutorial

Using a table saw, cut out the end pieces.

Make both cuts on each end, then flip it around to do the other end. I used our table saw because I could set it to the width I wanted to cut and get a nice even cut right on the end of the curve in the wood.

cutting end pieces from wooden shelf to make a modern wooden pedestal
cutting end pieces from wooden shelf to make a modern wooden pedestal

Sand the edges to make sure they are smooth. This will also help it sit level.

Stain the modern wood pedestal in the color of your choice then apply a protective coat of varnish

applying stain to modern wooden pedestal

I applied the stain using a rag, then wiped off any excess. One is done in walnut stain and left one the natural color. I used a brush to apply the varnish.

Make sure to let the finish dry completely before using them.

applying a protective coat of varnish to modern wooden pedestal

The varnish will help protect them from water being spilled on them if you use them for a plant or if they are sitting on your kitchen counter near the sink.

That’s it! You now have two modern wooden pedestals instead of one.

Finished Modern Wooden Pedestal

These modern wooden pedestals turned out just like I envisioned. I love them and have so much fun styling them throughout our home. Here are a couple of different ways you can use them with your home decor.

I love sitting plants on them. They make the perfect riser to elevate decor on shelves.

modern wooden pedestal stained in walnut with plant and mug sitting on it
close up of modern wooden pedestal with plant and mug sitting on it

On the shelf above our Modern DIY Coffee Station I used the natural colored modern wooden pedestal to display my sugar and cream set.

close up of white sugar and creamer set sitting on modern wooden pedestal made from a dollar store shelf
white sugar and creamer set sitting on modern wooden pedestal made from a dollar store shelf

The natural color of this modern wooden pedestal is the perfect contrast to the dark wood shelves and the dark green wall behind it.

Video Tutorial for a Modern Wooden Pedestal (and 4 more dollar store DIYs!)

Whenever I share my dollar store DIYs on YouTube, I tend to share 4 or 5 projects at the same time. In June I shared 5 dollar store projects, including a decorative box, a dollar store vase, a sculpture, this pedestal bowl, and this modern wooden pedestal.

Watch the video below for more dollar store DIY inspiration!

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