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Loving July: The Busiest Month of My Life {Again}

Sharing all of the reasons that we are loving July! A sneak peek into my life and activities outside of the blog. Come hear what we are up to!

Every month I want to say, “This is the busiest month of my life!” Can that be true? Life just keeps getting busier and busier? Until I crash and do nothing at all for a full month… lol. Last month in my Loving June post, I announced a few changes that our family had in store – one of which was…. I quit my job! If you’re wondering how it’s going, I’ve barely had time to even take it in. I’ve been so busy this month, I haven’t even noticed that I haven’t been working. I’m sure when life goes back to normal in September that I’ll start noticing, but for now it just feels like I’m on vacation.

Here are all of the reasons I’m loving July:

Loving: SPEAKING at a conference! How did that happen?! I was so honoured to speak at Haven this year, and try to share some of the blogging tips I’ve learned over time. Pluuuss… it was really fun and I met the most amazing people!

Creating: A TON of magic this week at the Cricut Mountain Make-a-Thon! Watch my Instagram Stories for updates on all of the exciting changes!

Celebrating: My daughter heading off to Preschool! (*hopefully* It’s still not 100% certain). But I made this t-shirt anyway :)

Reading: This novel. It’s an older one, but I had never read it, and I love everything she writes!

Writing: The DIYs from my Modern Bathroom renovation this past winter! I promise they will all be out soon! I’m SO behind on my reno DIYs!

A beautiful modern bathroom renovation with chrome and matte black faucets, sleek modern fixtures and natural wood accents. Beautiful transformation!

Watching: Binge watching Game of Thrones. We bought all six seasons in a pack on Amazon Prime Day (hello deal!) and now I’m not getting anything else done….

Needing: A new couch!! Lucky, I’m getting some help from the lovely designer at Chiks Design Group. What do you think of this lovely sofa? Except in blue… and with different legs :)

Learning: A TON about SEO (sorry, that’s blog speak!). The Haven Conference filled my head with information that I need to start focusing on. But maybe after the summer is over… lol.

Planning: Our final summer vacation!! Do these girls look ready for summer or what?!?

Fun personalized summer tote bag! Make it for yourself or your kids and head to the beach this summer in style. Easy to make with iron-on vinyl!

Dreaming About: Five acres of land for my children to run around on every day!

Coveting: ALL of the new home products!

What’s Working for Me Right Now: Faux greenery! I Like having a mix of real and faux greenery (cause I couldn’t keep up if it was all real!). How beautiful are these wreaths?! They look SO real! [See the full patio reveal here]

A stunning backyard makeover inspired completed with Behr paints. Love the bright painted blue doors, and the grey outdoor sectional. Beautiful DIY pallet side tables, and black and white accessories complete the space. Summer is here!

What’s Not: My house still being on the market :( We need some time to work on our new house, but I would still love to have a SOLD sign up!

Anticipating: A busy FALL!

I’d LOVE to hear what you are loving! What’s new and exciting?!

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