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Pregnancy Month by Month


Like every good first-time mama/Pinterest user I decided to take regular photos of my baby bump as it grew. And grew and grew.
God bless my husband for being so patient and taking so many for me!
We took weekly and monthly photos.
We took them in the baby room so that we could watch the room progress, and I took them in the same dress so that I could watch my belly grow.
And now, with my daughter at a whopping 10 weeks old, I’m finally sharing them :)
Here are a couple of the weekly photos I love…
This first one I chose because it was still so early on in my pregnancy, and I looked so excited! I wasn’t really showing yet, and we hadn’t told anyone but my mother-in-law. It was all very thrilling and secretive!



I love these two photos below because they was only one week between when they were taken, but you can see HUGE changes to the nursery! I guess we went hard that week! Painting and wainscotting done in only a few days :)


 This picture is full of memories. Nursery ready and waiting. Baby coming any day now – literally!
I also remember very specifically telling my husband not to get my socks in the picture, lol. Oh well… it was the middle of the winter and my feet were cold! So I chose not to edit it out.
Baby Ellie made her appearance right after this photo was taken :)
And here are the month-by-month photos!
These are the ones that will live on forever in Ellie’s scrapbook :)
I love the way they turned out because you can really see the transformation of the seasons (in my outfits), and the nursery. I especially like the 5 months picture because it has paint splotches on the wall, and wainscotting up – right in the midst of all the renos!



Jen Claus

Wednesday 26th of March 2014

This is so fun.. it really is neat to see when you are wearing the same thing and standing in the same spot. I did bump pics but not with that in mind! :) My fave is the 4 month one because it looks so summery- with that cute hat that I know you wore a lot last year :).


Wednesday 26th of March 2014

These all look so great! I especially love the 40 weeks photo. You look so happy and like you have a special secret. :)

Lindi V

Wednesday 26th of March 2014

Thanks :)