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Funny Mother’s Day Card [Free Printable!]

A free printable funny mother’s day card! You’ll be sure to put a smile on any Mother’s face when they read this card!

"I love how we don't have to say out loud that I'm your favourite child" written on a Mother's Day Card

Do people still give cards? I’ve always loved giving cards to people! I’ve also always known that “gifting” was one of my love languages, lol. Not getting gifts, but giving them makes my heart happy! I used to make cards all the time, but I don’t have time anymore! I blame my children for playing a significant roll in that shift, lol. But there’s something special about a card, and even more so if that card can put a smile on someone’s face! That’s why I decided to share this funny Mother’s Day card!

Free printable funny mother's day car

My family home was always full of sarcasm. I have three brothers, and we spent approximately 90% of our childhood poking fun at one another. More than that, we spent a lot of our energy reminding one another that we were the favourite. I still love the uncomfortable looks on my mom’s face while I was making my case for being the favourite. Is it bad to convince one of your brothers that he was an “accident”? Asking for a friend….

Anyway, that’s one of the reasons that I decided to make a quick, funny printable Mother’s Day card. We all need more free cards in our lives. Cards cost an arm and a leg these days, don’t they?! They’re so expensive! My go-to is usually a hand-drawn photo that one of my toddlers made. Truth be told, that would probably provide just as much joy to my mother! lol. But not quite as much joy to me, lol.

This card could not be more perfect. If I lived closer, I’d love to see the look on my brothers’ faces when my mom was reading this!

These cards are free to download for anyone that signs up for our e-mail list! It’s one of our gifts to you :) You can download either a Canadian version of this funny Mother’s Day or an American version (the only difference being the spelling of “Favourite” vs “Favorite”.

Free printable funny mother's day card

Grab Your Free Printable Funny Mother’s Day Card:

Once you sign up, you’ll receive an e-mail from me, with a button to download your card. It comes as a pdf document. Simple print the document, cut out the card (cut the large box out) and then fold it in half. Feel free to fill your card with any many reasons as you can to confirm you status as “favourite”, lol. Either that or just wish her a happy Mother’s Day inside.

I hope you love them as much as I do!

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