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Free Printable Grocery List

This free printable grocery list takes the stress out of planning and grocery shopping

This post marks the end of my command center DIYs! I was SO excited to reveal the whole makeover on the blog and I can’t believe it’s done already! No worries though… you can always catch new photos of it on my instagram page! (@love_create_celebrate). I wanted to leave you with one last thing that you could print and keep, so I’m sharing the one thing that will live semi-permanently on my clipboard: a free printable grocery list! Add your printable grocery list to your home command center

Where do you keep your grocery list? In your head? On your phone? On a list that you constantly forget when you leave to get groceries?

We have always had an ongoing list at home. We just add to it as things run out. No more ketchup? Put it on the list, hun! That list used to sit on an old whiteboard on the fridge, but I recently decided that I like the look of a clean fridge, and I’m hoping to clear it off. So a clipboard was DIY’d and put up to house my grocery lists!

You can download the list here!

This free grocery list printable makes grocery shopping so much easierI wanted something clean and simple. Just a quick idea of what we are having for supper all week and a basic list of the groceries we had to get. It’s quick, its simple, and most importantly – it’s something I’ll actually use!

Stay organized and on top of all your tasks with this grocery list printable

Ps – did you see my nice pen holder at the bottom?! My brother sent those “tape hooks” home for me from Japan and I LOVED them, so I had to include them in my board :)

My industrial command center is equip with a printable grocery list and these convenient pen holders

I hope you enjoyed all of the industrial command center diys! I’m always gearing up for exciting new projects and I know you’re going to love what comes next!

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Jane @SustainMyCraftHabit

Friday 16th of September 2016

Thank you Lindi! I made a commitment to be better about planning out our meals for the week and your printable's come just in time! Have a great weekend.


Friday 16th of September 2016

Amazing!! I hope you get some good use out of it! :)