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14 of 14 in Review

14 of 14

If you’ve been hanging around Love Create Celebrate for a while, you may remember me making this 14 of 14 goal list last January. I made the list, in lieu of a New Years resolution to keep me motivated throughout the year & accomplish some new goals. Although I didn’t accomplish all of the goals, I was definitely motivated to accomplish some of them!

This year I’ve seen a huge (great!) shift in my blog! I started sharing my little hiding spot on the web with more than just my mom and best friends, lol. I’ve LOVED meeting other bloggers, sharing my projects, and learning more and more each day.
As a result, you will probably notice a change in my 15 of 15 goals so that they fit my new DIY focus a little bit better, but they will still be motivating, still challenging, and still be FUN to watch me accomplish!

Since the curiosity is killing you by now, here’s how I did:

1. Completely redecorate my bedroom
Well, obviously I didn’t get this one done – no beautiful bedroom posts. Apparently baby rooms are more important! lol. I’m not giving up on this one though! You may see this goal sneak back into my 15 of 15 goal list!
2. Learn to play a couple worship songs on the guitar
Another goal unaccomplished :( Not off to the best start here! Unfortunately, I barely picked up my guitar this year. I may have too many hobbies on the go right now to be thinking about starting another one. Oh well – maybe in the future!
We had an AMAZING time travelling to JAPAN to complete this goal! Some thought we were crazy to travel to the other side of the world with a 7 month old, but our daughter was amazing and our trip was unforgettable :)
This goal was a great personal challenge – I wanted to get back into the rhythm of speaking to God every day, and the goal definitely helped me do that!
 This was SO fun to host! The reason I made this a goal was to make sure that I kept hosting events, even with a new baby. Sometimes it can be a challenge just to get to an event with a baby at home. But since I LOVE to host, I had to make it a priority :)
 YES!! I’m so thrilled that I accomplished this! Hopefully all my future babies will get one too :) I’m excited to share it with her as she grows older, and to watch her face light up as she looks through the pages – such a great keepsake!
Does this sound ridiculous to you? An adult woman that has never learned to curl her hair? Follow the link to find out why! And to find out how I changed that!
SO happy I made this one of my goals! SOO very happy. My front yard has never looked to good. Follow the link to see the before and after pics :)
 I was REALLY proud of myself for completing this goal! It’s so hard to get motivated, and get active after a baby. It was an important goal to help me feel like myself again, and hopefully will help me to keep up my active lifestyle in the new year as I head back to work. Running Collage
Are you shocked that I didn’t know how to sew only 1 year ago?! lol. That’s right! I taught myself how to use this amazing machine a short 12 months ago. Now I use it for every other DIY project!
11. Write 200 blog posts
I DID do this!! But I was so focused on blogging that I never even noticed this milestone go by :) I wouldn’t be blogging if I didn’t love it, so I guess its a good thing that I surpassed this goal without noticing.
12. Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight
I did not do this unfortunately, even though I spent some good time running and going to the gym. Babies change your body, but they also change your life in an amazing and wonderful way! The changes in my body are just a reminder of the miracle that my body went through to have my amazing daughter!
I definitely completed this goal! TWICE!! If you follow the links, you will see that I completed my first cake, and it was delicious, but it was not as good as I hoped it could be. So I attempted it again, and it was even better!! Seriously, how did I wait this long to make this cake!!
Angel Food Cake
This goal may have been more of a necessity than something I wanted to do, but I did it! Yay! My husband was patient day after day, and I persevered, and I’m thrilled :)
BONUS GOAL: Photograph all these goals! 
Well, I did this for all of the goals that I accomplished :)
Not too shabby!
11/14 goals completed is definitely something to be proud of :)
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s  New Year’s Day 15 of 15 goal list!

Kendra @

Friday 2nd of January 2015

Looks like you had a wonderful year, Lindi! Love the goals you set... and accomplished! I'd love to learn the guitar too (I inherited my Grandpa's before he passed away but sadly I've never taken the time to learn!) Doing daily devotions is such a good one too! Happy New Year Lindi! So glad to follow you!


Friday 2nd of January 2015

Thank you SO much Kendra!! If you're ever setting new goals, I'd love to read them too!