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9. Run with the baby stroller (regularly!) – Check!


The commitment to try and get fit can be truly gruelling.
I see other people getting fit and feeling awesome and I just want to yell, “I’m doing my best over here!”. That’s not to take away from anyone who is fit or is trying to get fit successfully! You are my idols! And I’m 95% happy for you and only 5% jealous. 90% happy… 

I’m proud of you because I know, first hand that. It. Is. Hard.
It takes focus, and commitment, and will power, and perseverance.
For me stumbles are frequently, but the important thing is that I keep trying. I stumble and I get back up again.

But when we stumble, it can be all too easy to lose our motivation.
That’s why I get extremely excited about every small victory.
No accomplishment is too small to celebrate, and every accomplishment is motivating.
Hence the running update.
Did I mention I can run again (sort of…)? I still can’t do a solid 5K, with or without a stroller. But I’ve tried, and I’m getting there, and that’s what’s important.
Over the summer I consistently ran at least 2 or 3 times a week.
I was strongly motivated by my desire to run in the first ever Grande Prairie Glow Run (which everyone should come to next year!) and then fell off the wagon again for a bit. But now I’m getting pushed forward for another 5K in the fall.
There’s nothing that beats the feeling of success at the end of a race.
I always feel amazing. I always feel like I didn’t know if it was in me or not, and then I prove to myself once again that I can do it.
I’m excited to say that my 14 of 14 goal to run with a stroller is accomplished!
Hopefully I can keep the momentum going!