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5. Host a BBQ – Check!


Hosting events is always something I enjoy doing. Always.
Finding the time to host is another story…
But that’s why “Host a BBQ” was put on my 14 of 14 goal list.
Since our summer was crazy busy, and winding down already, I figured I should plan the BBQ before it got too cold outside!
And since birthdays are the perfect reason to celebrate, we planned a September BBQ! 

Here are some snippets from the preparations:

IMG_2165 IMG_2161 IMG_2163IMG_2164IMG_2167b IMG_2168b

Including these flowers that my amazing husband bought me for my birthday!


I am really bad at taking pictures while I’m at parties… I’m too busy socializing to pick up a camera! This next picture is really the only proof that I have to show that there really was a BBQ. I’m say a smoking BBQ on the patio and beers in hand indicate that a BBQ took place here.

IMG_2188b IMG_2189b

And here’s a few pictures of our wonderful guests :)
[Notice they all have babies in them… the only people I ever remember to take pictures of!]

IMG_2179b IMG_2186b IMG_2206b IMG_2197b

I’m calling this goal complete! Another one crossed off my 14 of 14 list!!



Wednesday 17th of September 2014

I can't wait to see Miss Ellie! (and you of course ;)