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3. Leave Canada – Check!

IMG_0932 b

We did it! We left Canada!
We travelled across an ocean to Japan – a 15 hour time change, with a baby!
As soon as I found out that my brother was going to be living in Japan, and knew we would be visiting one day.
I’m SOOOO glad we did! This was such an amazing time! Eleanor got to meet her Uncle Nate and we were able to see and do some amazing things!

Here are some pics from our amazing adventure:

Ellie LOVED the aquarium!
IMG_9928 b
Octopus balls!
IMG_9824 b
Monkey! Possibly Russel’s favourite day in Japan :)
IMG_0284 b Bamboo Forest
IMG_0382 b
Petting the deer in Nara
IMG_0470 b
Rice growing everywhere!
IMG_0845 bOwl Cafe – those are real owls that you could pet!
IMG_0674 b
Traveling on the train – Japan has an AMAZING rail system!
IMG_0424 b
One building that was left standing after the nuclear bomb went off in Hiroshima. Now a monument.
IMG_1020 b Thousands of paper cranes – wishes for world peace.
[Sidenote: the day at Hiroshima was moving, overwhelming, and inspiring at the same time. One of the best days in Japan.]
IMG_1047 b

Japanese cuisine
IMG_1077 b Torii Gate
IMG_1319 b
And then 10 thousand torii gates leading up to a temple!
IMG_1292 b Lindi the Geisha
IMG_1369 bRussel the Samurai
IMG_1405 b

Prayers in all languages at a temple
IMG_1540 b The golden temple (in the rain!)
IMG_1459 b
Being tourists :)
IMG_1706 b Busiest intersection in the world (probably)
IMG_1556 b Eating super fresh sushi at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo
IMG_1664 b Eleanor and the Sky Tree :)
IMG_1733 b
IMG_1806 b

Vacation done. Back to reality for all of us. Luckily we have so many amazing memories to look back on and smile :)