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Ten Months

baby on the floor

Evelyn is now 20 lbs., 28 inches long, and ten months old. 

Once a month I step away from my DIYs to remind myself that I’m a mommy first and a blogger second. I hope you don’t mind my monthly updates! Life with two kids is waaaay more work than life with one. There are many, many days when I wonder how I get anything else done at all. These ages are so precious though – I’m trying to enjoy every minute. If you ever wonder why my post schedule is all over the place, it’s because I stopped painting to read books all afternoon, or ignored my photography to take the girls to the park, or put the computer away to do a puzzle – enjoying every minute.

Evelyn seems so tiny compared to her sister at this age. She is constantly on the MOVE! Crawling everywhere, climbing up furniture (& mommy’s leg), chasing her sister. She is a devoted mama’s girl. She’ll search every inch of the home until she knows where I am. And she’ll drive everyone else crazy when she doesn’t know where I am. She eats everything we put in front of her and more. Seriously LOVES food. Evelyn is a dancing machine (just watch for my instagram stories if you don’t believe me!). Put some music on and watch her shake her little booty. So much rhythm in a little person. She still loves her Lucy elephant, her sister, and her sleep. She was not very happy about participating in a photo shoot this month, but still, is there anything cuter than a baby in a hoodie?! Life with two girls is bliss.

10 months baby eating toys

Baby plank!!!

baby plank baby on stairs baby on the floor crying 10 months baby pulling up to stand baby smiling baby in a hoodie snuggles baby standing upsidedown baby



Monday 8th of August 2016

So cute! I think she's starting to look a little bit more like Ellie. Keep on dancing baby girl!


Monday 8th of August 2016

Aw! I bet she's gonna be a little diva! Super cute pics and super cute hoodie. Thanks for the update! I do love when you take a step back and post about your darling girls :)