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Ten months


Eleanor is now 20 lbs, 3 oz, and 29 inches long.

Month ten brought with it many, many changes for our little Eleanor! She is now on the move. Crawling, cruising, pulling herself up on furniture – there’s no stopping her. She is deeply in love with Daisy, her puppy :) Her personality shines bright these days: she’s shy around strangers, strong-headed, independent, and curious about everything! She loves music and songs, especially if they have actions (hello Itsy Bitsy Spider!!). Her top teeth just popped through her gums, and they’re already well used. She gobbles up everything in sight and drinks from a straw like a big girl.  She’s a social butterfly – smiling at everyone, and learning to wave “hi” and “bye”. Tiredness and bumps to the head are slowly morphing her into a cuddle bug. She loves to giggle, and every little laugh is music to my ears. Her vibrant spirit is everything to me. Love, innocence, and pure joy radiate from her. I am so lucky that I get to watch her grow up. So far, month ten is the best month ever!

IMG_3849 IMG_3875 IMG_3857 IMG_3891 IMG_3878

Evidence that she’s on the move!


Evidence that she loves her furry friends :)

IMG_3943 IMG_3920b

Love you more and more every day baby girl!


Amanda @ Dwelling in Happiness

Tuesday 11th of November 2014

SO sweet!! And your description of her sounds JUST like my little Jade!! I agree, 10 months was a FUN month, and every month since has gotten SO much more fun! Just wait, ;)


Tuesday 11th of November 2014

Isn't it funny how every month is better than the next! It just keeps getting better :) Thank you for stopping by!!