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Three months


Eleanor is now 12lbs, 9 oz, and 24 inches long.
She is playful and happy. Loves when grandma and Daddy whistle. She’s gaining core strength every day. She hates tummy time, but its motivating her to roll off her belly. She still protests her naps, but she sleeps a glorious 8 hours (at least!). She loves to smile and she’s perfecting her giggle. Lots of exploring. Loves to sit in new rooms in the house. She goos and coos regularly. Makes eye contact. Recognizes mommy and daddy’s faces. Loves her sparkly purple pants! (oh wait… maybe that’s me…). She still loves baths, daddy, sleeping, and more recently sticking her entire fist in her mouth. So far month three is the best month ever.


Love watching my baby grow!