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Our Weekend Renovation: Shared Kids Bedroom Makeover

Love this beautiful shared kids bedroom makeover! Completely transformed in just one weekend, featuring stencil walls, a slat wall, a play house, & more!

Collage of kids bedroom photos with text overlay reading "Weekend Kids Bedroom Makeover"

Well… we did it again! We completely transformed a space in a weekend! Our kids were moving into our old master bedroom together (because we didn’t have enough space for three kids in our only other bedroom! And we decided to give the space a HUGE transformation in just THREE days! Our shared kids bedroom makeover was ambitious (as they always are!), but we got it done!

bare bedroom before kids bedroom makeover

*This renovation was sponsored by Jysk Canada and Valspar Canada. For more information, please see our disclosure page*

This is our third time tackling a renovation in a weekend! We also tackled our kitchen, and our dining room, so when we had to re-decorate our kids bedroom, a weekend renovation seemed like the best idea!

This used to be our master bedroom, that we shared with the baby (see the post for crib photos!), but our baby has turned into a toddler, and we needed our own space again!

So we emptied everything out, and this is where we were before we started the weekend renovation (photos above). It was a totally blank slate, and we were stretching what we could get done in three days.

The Shared Bedroom Reveal Video

We shared the entire renovation on Instagram, and saved it all to our highlights called “Kids Room”, but if you missed it, or want to see why we made some of our design decisions, we made a quick video to share all of the details!

In the video we also share our kids’ reactions to the space, you don’t want to miss their reactions when we finally let them into their new room!

Our Kids Bedroom Makeover After ONE Weekend

modern shared bedroom design

We felt very ambitious in what we were taking on this time. My husband even said to me (on more than one occasion!), that he thought I was tackling too much.

Honestly, maybe we were… because we did stay up past midnight for two nights just to get it all done…. but it was worth it!

Shared bedroom makeover with bunk beds

We shared all of the bedroom design plans before we started. Here are all of the things we wanted to accomplish during the three day renovation

  • Paint Walls
  • Make Stencils
  • Paint TWO Stencil Walls
  • Build Feature Wall
  • Build Play House
  • Paint existing bookshelf
  • Paint small houses
  • Make some DIY artwork?
  • Make some DIY pom-pom garlands?
  • Assemble furniture (beds, side table, shelves, etc)
    Style the space

We didn’t get to the one with the strike through it (although we made the space work anyway! And we didn’t end up using the small houses, or the pom-pom garland (yet!), although I’ll probably add both to the space eventually!

black and white design for kids space

The corner of the bedroom has a dresser that we already had, and we added a little shelving unit to add some girly touches to this side of the room.

girls bedroom shelf styling

Piggy banks, animals that the girls painted, and some accessories from their old bedroom filled out the shelves beautifully!

shelf styling for little girls

Before we started anything, we made that simple black strip across the wall. For me, black is a neutral colour – it belongs in every room! So adding a half black wall around the entire space was an easy way to join both sides of the room together.

sliding barn door for closet in kids room

The huge closet with the sliding barn door was already there (thanks to a previous makeover that my husband and I did! So we didn’t have to add any extra dressers or storage to the space.

Girls bunkbed design

The girls got a brand new bunk bed that they love! The big double bed on the bottom makes it easy for us to let guests or friends use this space when needed (as we can shift the kids downstairs to sleep for a day!).

modern kids bedding for girls

The cute scandanavian bedding was a PERFECT match for the paint colours I had already chosen, and adds a sweet, feminine touch to the room, as do the fluffy white pillows (which actually might be some of the softest pillows I’ve ever had!)

beautiful modern girls bedding

We asked the girls what they wanted in their bedroom and they both said “rainbows!” They also said, “a castle” which was where my artwork was supposed to come in… lol. But they can still get that one day!

rainbow stencil wall for girls

I created my own stencils, and added these “deconstructed rainbows” to the entire half wall behind the bed!

I used beautiful pink, green, and beige colours from Valspar (all linked at the bottom), and they looked beautiful together.

rainbow stencil wall

We also added a cute little nightstand for the girls to put their books and lamp on.

rainbow stencil wall for girls

This little bunny basket DIY was something I made with the girls. I tried to involve them in as many ways as possible. It is their room afterall!

But I also just like to keep them involved in the creative process. They loved making this little basket, and I think it turned out pretty cute!

DIY bunny basket

I love the way that the rainbows frame the bunk bed in this space. It was the perfect choice!

kids bedroom stencil wall

The rooms merge in this corner of the room. The two walls that the beds currently sit on, were the only walls that the beds could fit on. So we didn’t have a lot of choices in terms of layout.

black and white shared bedroom makeover

Since, I know that someone is going to ask! Those little openings, on the angled walls, are storage cubies. They were built into the home in all of the upstairs rooms to maximize storage.

My hubby and I still want to make doors to close them off, but they are necessary spaces for us to store all of our extra bins. For now, the kids will just be crawling in and out of them like it’s a secret fort, lol.

black and white kids bedroom makeover

Having boys and girls share a room was a bit of a challenge because I didn’t want to make the space feel overly girly or overly boyish.

Again, we gave our son a little shelf for all of his own boy-ish toys to be displayed, and then we created a stencil wall that we thought he would love!

modern kids shelving for the bedroom

Since our sons first word was “vrooom” (if that counts, lol), I was pretty sure that he was going to be happy with cars and trucks on the wall!

modern kids bedding for boys

Again, I made my own stencils to create the design, and we added them to the wall in just a couple of hours!

To keep the two spaces cohesive, we used the same green colour in both the car and rainbow stencils, which is a great trick when doing a shared kids bedroom makeover!

Stencilled car wall for boys

We also added a simple photo ledge that sat right on top of the black half wall. It adds some character and dimension to the space, and is a cute way to display a few of his things.

Make no mistake, this ledge will soon be filled with cars… lol. And just for the concerned mamas out there, that photo frame weights about one pound, and there is no glass or front to possibly fall on him, lol.

DIY photo and book ledge

We also gave him his own bedding that still fit the space, but was less feminine than then girls’ duvet sets.

modern bedding for kids

Finally, the part of the room that I’m most proud of… is the little reading nook on the side!

Shared kids bedroom with modern design renovated in one weekend

We created this amazing black slat wall. If you’ve been following Love Create Celebrate (us!) for a while, then you know that we love a good feature wall!

nordic bedroom design

The stencils themselves acted as feature walls too, but I wanted to create more depth and character in the space! More than paint can do on it’s own.

All it took was some cut up pine boards (we will share the entire tutorial soon!) to create all of this texture, but I absolutely LOVE the finished design.

accent wall and little house in modern shared bedroom

And then we come to the rest of our little reading nook! We’ve never really had many toys in our kids’ bedrooms, because we have a play space downstairs, and we like to keep their bedrooms for sleeping and reading.

tiny playhouse build

Creating a fun little space for them to curl up and read was really important to us. So we built this little house to help define the space, and give them a cozy place to hide.

feature wall in a kids bedroom

Every book nook needs a bookshelf, right? Luckily we already had one on hand!

awesome kids bedroom corner

This little house shaped bookshelf was one that we build for our girls years ago! It was painted pink, and hung in their bedroom ever since. As we were doing this renovation, we figured that we could easily move it over here, and freshen it up with a new coat of paint to match the new space.

That’s the whole space! I hope you all love it as much as we do! What’s your favourite part? Would you attempt stencils on your walls? I’d love to hear!

kids bedroom weekend renovation

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