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Modern Christmas Decor Favourites

Beautiful modern Christmas decor ideas! Modern, minimal, and nordic decorations to bring the holiday season into any room in the home!

Pictures of modern Christmas decorations

A curated collection of holiday decor is not something that you can pick up easily overnight. It can take years to find the pieces you want to decorate with. I’ve been collecting holiday decor, one piece at a time, for years now and I still wouldn’t say that my collection is fully curated, but I wanted to share some of my modern Christmas decor favourites.

Some of these pieces I own, and some I’m just eyeing, but you can combine any or all of these pieces and build a beautifully curated collection. I’m sharing mostly black, white, green, green, and wooden items, but if you like something, most of these items are also available in other colours that may blend with your decor even more!

I also tried to include things in a wide price range, so you should be able to find some beautiful pieces regardless of what your budget is this year.

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Modern Christmas Decor

A collection of beautiful Modern Christmas decor ideas for the home! All of the Christmas decorations you need for a beautiful holiday season.

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