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Loving April

Welcome to April! Have I mentioned that this is my favourite month yet? So much to love and celebrate this month! I’ll dive right in :)

Loving: My new Master Bathroom!!!!! If you haven’t popped over there yet, you need to!

A beautiful modern bathroom renovation with chrome and matte black faucets, sleek modern fixtures and natural wood accents. Beautiful transformation!

Creating: New DIY projects for my master bedroom renovation.

Celebrating: My husband’s birthday! He is my teacher, my confidant, my best friend, my everything. I couldn’t navigate this thing called life without him and I’m SO glad we were able to celebrate as a family together :)

Reading: This book. For the second time. It was just as good the second time around – but now I’m a mother and a wife and somehow a lot of the meaning had changed this time around.

Writing: For a brand new blog! Have you heard of the Resin Crafts Blog? I’m a contributing member over there, sharing some awesome and unique resin projects, including these Modern Hexagon Coasters – such an interesting material to learn to work with!

Watching: Call the Midwife on Netflix. Binge watching. LOVE this show.

Needing: To share all of my beautiful, personalized Mother’s Day gifts with you!!!

From my engraved leather luggage tag….

… to my personalized cutting board! I thought of putting “Mama Bear” on here, because that’s what I usually go by around this place, but I decided to stay with “Mom” :) It’s really etched & burned right into the wood – it’s a beautiful gift idea!

Learning: To push boundaries in my design choices. I think my designs were always sub-par in the past because I wasn’t willing to take risks. Now if I see something I like, I go for it, even when it sometimes means a bold colour, pattern, or texture. Wish me luck with my bold bedroom wallpaper!

Planning: Some fun summer vacations :) I can’t wait to start spending every afternoon outdoors.

Dreaming About: A completely finished space, including closet, bathroom, and master bedroom!

Wearing: Mittens still – UGH! As my daughter says, “Go away snow”

What’s Working for Me Right Now: Scheduling! I live with my planner on my hip. There has been so much on the go this past month, I don’t know how I could’ve done it without my endless to-do lists!

What’s Not: The lack of warm weather :( Everyone on my Instagram is watching flowers pop up and planning deck makeovers. Meanwhile, I’m over here crying because it snowed yesterday!

Anticipating: Speaking at a blogging conference in the US this summer! I’m SO excited!

I’d LOVE to hear what you are loving! What’s new and exciting?!

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Nicole Q-Schmitz

Tuesday 2nd of May 2017

How exciting about Haven! And I'm really liking that cutting board too :)