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Industrial Pendant Light

Join me for a step by step tutorial and create your own DIY Industrial Pendant Light. This unique design is a perfect addition to any home.

Industrial pendant light hanging from ceiling

Well friends, it’s time for another Home Depot Gift Challenge! This is the challenge when we chose an item from Home Depot (*not sponsored, we just like their products!*) and a creative group of bloggers made new DIY projects form that object. This month we chose chain, which was perfect because I have been wanting to make this new Industrial Pendant Light for a while now!

Old pendant light

We’ve had this light in our kitchen since we moved in. Sure, it’s pretty… but in my opinion it’s outdated. It’s not my style. AND it’s not centered!  That’s three strikes. Time for a change.

Pendant light in dining room

Once I knew we wanted to make a light fixture, I chose this metallic decorative chain from Home Depot to hand the fixture from the ceiling.

Ceiling hooks for hanging industrial pendant light

Start by downloading  your FREE PLANS here!

A list of lumber required for the project is included in the design plans.

Other Materials:

Three 5 ft. chain kits (above)

Three sockets

Three light bulbs

25ft. of wire (how low you hang it will determine how much you need)


Three 1/2″ copper clamps

Wood glue

Epoxy (to glue copper pipe)

Wood for creating the frame for the industrial pendant light

Start by cutting all of your wood according to the “cut list” in the design plans. Sand all pieces prior to assembly.

Cutting wood for the industrial pendant light

Assemble your side frames (parts C, G, E). Glue and clamp to let dry.

Attaching wood pieces for pendant light frame

After the side frame was dry, we made a jig to drill all of the holes for our dowels to ensure that they all lined up.

Attaching wood for the industrial pendant light frame
Creating the wood frame

Next, you want to cut out part F and put them in place to mark out the part you want to notch.

Wood block for industrial pendant light
Cut marks for wood

Use your table saw or router to notch out the middles of the F parts. The parts should fit snuggly.

Cutting wood for industrial pendant light
frame for pendant light

Now, glue two pieces of your 2x4s together to create part I. We started with two larger pieces and cut them down, as per the designs.

Supplies for industrial pendant light

Once the glue is dried on part I, use a hole saw to drill a hole into the part. We used a chisel to break out the plug.

Drilling for connection of pendant light

Use a forstner bit to drill out the bottom and allow access for the wiring (see diagram).

Smoothing drill spot for connection

Cut edges of part I according to design plans.

Wood piece drilled for wiring access

Finally, cut and assemble parts B and D for the top of the light fixture.  Also assemble the bottom of the fixture – parts E and D.

Assembled top of light fixture

Assemble the sides, top and bottom together. Glue and screw everything into place.

Assembling the bottom of the industrial pendant light

Cut plugs to fill the screw holes. Use wood filler to fill any holes. Once the glue and filler is dry, give the piece a final sand.

Drilling for the industrial pendant light
Using wood filler on the industrial pendant light

When all the parts are ready. Stain and varnish to desired finish. Glue copper pieces (part J) in place after the stain and varnish are dry.

Assembled industrial pendant light

Wire and hang up your beautiful new fixture! I LOVE how ours looks. Such a HUGE transformation! I love the rustic, vintage vibe it gives off, and I LOVE LOVE the new feel of my kitchen :)

Completed and stained industrial pendant light
Industrial pendant light
Industrial pendant light in dining room
Wiring for the pendant light
Close up of industrial pendant light
Image of chain holding the industrial pendant light
Industrial pendant light
Industrial pendant light hanging from ceiling
Industrial pendant light
Industrial pendant light
Side view of dining room
Before and after of the industrial pendant light
Image collage with text overlay

I’m sorry to tell you that this is the final Home Depot Challenge :( It’s been SO fun getting creative with new Home Depot projects and working with my fellow amazing bloggers! I’m SO happy that you enjoyed it!

For now, make sure that you check out the other projects from the final Home Depot Challenge. Click the photo below to find the tutorial!

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Friday 28th of October 2022

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Wednesday 17th of July 2019

any chance of actual plans and wiring instructions? the link just takes me to a cut list and detailed drawings of each individual board, no plans whatsoever.


Tuesday 23rd of July 2019

Sorry, those are the only plans available! If you have any specific questions throughout the build, feel free to ask!

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