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How to Make Your Own Stamps [with help from your Cricut!]

Love these DIY stamped tea towels! The mid-century modern design is beautiful. Learn how to make your own stamps with the help of the Cricut Explore! The stamping ideas are endless!

As a DIYer, I’m constantly seeing projects or ideas and adding them to the “try this one day” list. I know some of you can relate! I spent a crazy amount of time on Pinterest so you can imagine my list is endless. “Learn how to make your own stamps” has been waiting on that list for quite a while now, and this new project with the Cricut knife blade was the perfect excuse to make it happen!

The Cricut TrueControl cutter is the perfect tool for making your own stamps

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So you all know how much I love my Cricut machine right?? And everything that Cricut comes out with is gold. Gold. So when they announced that they were coming out with a new knife blade– I knew it had to be better than the average knife! I mean, it has a lock system so that the blades can’t shift, it has a way for you to change the blades without having to touch them (yay!), and it’s cushioned and comfy to hold! So I’m taking it for a test spin and showing you how to make your own stamps!

You can create your stamp design in the cricut design studio

Here’s everything you need:

How to Make Your Own Stamps:

Set your cricut maker to vinyl for this DIY stamp cut

Start by opening the Design Space File and choosing “make it”. Set your Cricut Machine to “vinyl”and get ready for your cut.

You can use any color vinyl you want for this stamp project

You can load any colour of vinyl into the machine as it’s not part of the finished design – we’re just cutting a template.

These Speedball carving blocks are perfect for this DIY stamps project

These Speedball carving blocks are perfect for designing and carving your own stamps! This was my first time using one, and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to carve.

Place the design stencil on the carving block and use the carving knife to carefully trace the design

I simply placed by cut out design onto my carving block, and used the knife blade to cut around the pattern.

Carve out the design to make your stamp

The outside edges can be cut off completely, but I wanted my inside and outside shapes to stay attached. To do this, I made diagonal cuts with my knife blade, and peeled out a perfectly cut triangle. The stamp was still attached at the bottom.

Don't fully cut through the carving block in the center of the design

When you’re done cutting out the shapes, you can peel off the vinyl and throw it away.

Remove the vinyl stencil from the carving block

When you’re ready to use the stamp, grab some fabric paint. I used the multi-surface high gloss acrylic craft paint.

Use fabric paint to stamp tea towels with your DIY design

I found the best way to load the stamp with paint, was a simple foam paint brush. Apply your stamps in any pattern or design that you want!

Fully coat the stamp in fabric paint
Stamping might get messy, but it's a fun project!
Stamp your design across the tea towels

Since this was my first time stamping, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but I really love the final design! There’s something about the imperfect patterns they create, that make it so perfect. It’s a great addition to our black and white kitchen!

These DIY stamped tea towels are super easy to make with your own stamps
My DIY stamped tea towels look great with the rest of my kitchen decor
Create your own stamps so you can make these DIY stamped tea towels
These modern tea towels are an easy craft when you make your own stamps
How to Make Your Own Stamps

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