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DIY Lego Table

Easy DIY Lego Table Build! Learn how to make a modern DIY Kids Lego table with one sheet of plywood in an afternoon, with these free build plans!

Kids Table Build with Pocket Holes

This lego table wasn’t just a fun build idea – it was a necessity! Kids that love lego really LOVE lego! My kids cannot get enough, especially our oldest. For about two months straight they have started building in the morning, spread out on my kitchen table all day, only to have to pack it up or put it aside every day for dinner. It was definitely time we built them a DIY Lego Table!

Natural Wood LEGO table

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This table was long overdue! My kids play with lego almost every day, and I kid you not, this table took only one afternoon to make! Why did we wait so long!

I looked for something sleek, modern, and easy to build and couldn’t find anything, so we decided to come up with our own plans.

Using the Kreg Jig for a Kids Table

Pocket Hole Joinery

Almost every one our builds includes pocket hole joinery, including this one! If you’ve never heard of pocket holes, it’s basically a way to have your wood pieces attach by drilling into the board through an angled hole. It allows you to hide your joinery and gives you a strong connection between the two pieces.

We have Kreg’s K5 Master System and we love it. I can honestly say that we use it on almost all of our builds because it’s so practical (& affordable!).

We probably over used it on this build, lol. We added a LOT of pocket holes, but that’s because it’s a kids table, and there is a very high chance that kids will be standing on it one day. Better strong & safe, than sorry!

full sheet of plywood for DIY Lego table build

How to Build a DIY Lego Table

Beautiful, modern lego tables are hard to come by! We looked for a simple, modern design a while back and couldn’t find anything that was the quick and easy build we were looking for!

We built the entire lego table with just one piece of plywood, and our free plans show you exactly how to cut the plywood and save the most scrap wood.

Building a Kids Table

To build our table, we teamed up with Build Something to share the full build plans on their site. If you’ve never heard of it is a website full of great build plans, that are available for FREE.


Using polycrylic in a paint sprayer

Video Tutorial of How to Build Your LEGO Table

We did this whole LEGO table with just one sheet of plywood. In fact, if you’re clever, you can do two tables out of one sheet!

In this video we break down the entire build process for these DIY LEGO tables, and share some tips and tricks for woodworking in general.

Finishing Your DIY Lego Table

The finish you want for your DIY kids table is totally up to you. The options are to stain and protect it, paint it, or just varnish it.

We were using a beautiful birch wood and I loved the wood grain of it, and the natural colour so we decided just to protect the wood by giving it a coat of polycrylic!

We used our favourite paint sprayer for this job, and got all of the polycrylic sprayed, and the paint sprayer cleaned up, in less then 10 minutes!

If you chose to stain or paint your table, you can still use a paint sprayer, or you can just brush/roll it on. I think this piece would look beautiful in any colour or stain choice.

black lego sheets for lego table

Lego Table Base Plates

The reason we chose the table top size we chose, is because we wanted it to be able to perfectly fit some of the Large Lego Base Plates (Canadian link here!)

You can buy Lego Base Plates (in Canada) in many different colours and sizes, but we wanted the large 10×10 sheets. We made the table to fit exactly 6 of them, with just enough space at the sides to poke your finger in and remove them.

We chose not to glue our base plates down so that the kids could change them in and out. If you want to glue yours down, you can scale down the dimensions of the table to fit the six base plates perfectly.

Also, when gluing, you should use lego bricks to hold the sheets in place. You do not want them to accidentally shift while gluing, or you won’t be able to build across sheets!

modern lego table for kids

Our Finished DIY Lego Table

I’m so glad that the kids love their new table! I think they are most happy about the fact that they don’t have to keep putting their lego away every day, lol.

I predict that this table gets a lot of use over the next few years!

Girl at her LEGO table
Cute Kids Lego Table
kids playing with modern lego table
Cute Kids Lego Table

DIY Lego Table

Yield: 1
Active Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 4 hours

Easy DIY Lego Table Build! Learn how to make a modern DIY Kids Lego table with one sheet of plywood in an afternoon, with these free build plans!


  • Wood Glue
  • 1" Kreg Screws
  • Varnish (Polycrylic)
  • Stain (optional)
  • Painters Tape


  • Mitre Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Track Saw
  • Pull Saw
  • Kreg Work Stands
  • Kreg K5 Pocket Jig
  • Clamps
  • Pin Nailer
  • Router Table


  1. Cut plywood according to cut list
  2. Add wood banding
  3. Add the long sides to the tabletop
  4. Add the short sides to the tabletop
  5. Lightly sand
  6. Finish with polycrylic (or stain or paint)
  7. Add the base plates


See Build Something site for full build plans.

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Friday 28th of August 2020

I love this idea!! Thank you for sharing! This table inspires me to think about a puzzle table, too!

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