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Twine Letter for the Nursery

Before Ellie was born, I had many ideas for nursery decor.
One of those ideas was to create a mini photo wall for the baby’s room.
Then I could fill those frames with anything related to the baby – her name, pictures of her, framed memories from the hospital, etc.
One of the things I really wanted to do on this wall was decorate a letter – the first letter of the baby’s name. Obviously I had to wait until after she was born to start this project because I did’t know if I was having a girl or a boy, and therefore didn’t know what the baby’s name would be!
Printed Stencil of the Letter you want
Wood (my husband used old scraps of MDF)
coloured twine
glue gun
picture hangers

1. Print out the size of letter you want to use. We used an “E” for Eleanor. We couldn’t find exactly what we wanted so we printed one off and traced it a little bigger and then cut that out.

2. Then we traced the shape onto MDF and my husband cut it out using his scroll saw in the garage. The edges don’t have to be perfect cause it will be covered with twine anyway :)
[note: if you want to skip these steps, you can just buy a letter at Michaels]

3. Pick the colour of twine you want to use, and begin wrapping the letter, starting at the top or bottom edges. You have to overlap the twine a bit when you get to the curved sections of your letter, but when it’s all completed you can’t even tell!

4. Use a glue gun periodically to attach the twine in place, especially at the curved edges.

5. Attach your picture hangers to the back, making sure you don’t cut the twine or it may unravel.

6. Done! Hang on the wall :)

It didn’t end up going on the main photo wall in our nursery, but it looks great where we placed it in between some display boxes.