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Pantry Overhaul

IMG_1869 b

I love feeling organized. If my house is clean I feel like my whole life is in order.
I can’t usually live up to my own standards of cleanliness, but each piece that I can get in order makes me feel a little bit more put-together.
That’s what led me to finally cleaning up my pantry.

You may remember these pantry photos that I shared when I was doing some Spring cleaning:

I tried to be somewhat organized. Cans go on this side… baking stuff over here… etc., etc. Clearly it wasn’t working. Time for a change!
So I bought some bins and some chalkboard labels, and I organized everything!
It actually took a really long time to organize them because I wanted to get matching bins, and the store only stocked a few at a time. I bought one on the first trip and when I knew that the bins fit perfectly into my shelves, I went back three more times to buy more of them!

Small bins
Large bins
Shelf Liner
Chalkboard labels

I started by clearing out the entire pantry and cleaning the shelves.
Next I pulled out all of the big items that I don’t use as often (such as big containers, blenders, etc.) and sorted them into the two large storage bins in the bottom of the pantry.
Next I sorted the food into similar groups and started placing items in bins.
Meanwhile, my husband graciously helped me by measuring the shelf liners I bought, and cutting them to fit onto the shelves correctly.

Once everything was ready, I put down the shelf liners, put in the storage bins, and added chalkboard labels so that everything would be easy to find!

Here are the end results:

IMG_1870 b

These are the large storage bins used for big item storage. They sit in the floor in the bottom of the pantry.

I made sure to put the lightest bins on the top shelf so that they were easy to lift down if necessary. Crackers… snacks… napkins… you know! 
IMG_1874 b

And that’s it!
It seemed like a very intimidating project at first…
and it took a little while to buy everything, but actually organizing the pantry was fairly quick and painless.

IMG_1868 b

I literally smile every time I look in the pantry now!
It’s so wonderful to have it so organized :)
Hope you like my end result!