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Hair Salon Bathroom Makeover [in just 4 days!]

Love this bathroom makeover! The before and after of this DIY bathroom makeover is amazing! Two commercial hair salon bathrooms in just four days!

DIY bathroom makeover

Russel and I have been thinking about venturing into doing work outside of our own home for a while now. So when the opportunity came up to transform a couple of local hair salon bathrooms we were so excited! This wasn’t our first bathroom makeover, but tackling a commercial space outside of our home was a whole new challenge that we were excited to take on.

before hair salon bathroom makeover

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The bathroom we took on were in The Headroom – a local hair salon. The hair salon already had an amazing vibe throughout the salon, but the bathrooms were a bit of a blank slate.

White walls, white ceilings, concrete floors, and crates for shelves. There was so much opportunity in there to add some personality into the space!

bathroom before makeover

This is the second bathroom we tackled (in the same four days!). It’s almost an exact mirror image of the first bathroom, just a little bit smaller.

Bathroom Makeover Design Plans

Before we started the bathroom makeover, we presented the salon owner with a couple of different design ideas. I created two mood boards for her, and this is the one that she choose to move forward with.

modern bathroom design board

This design featured tall board and batten with a deep charcoal paint colour. A couple of different wallpaper options, some wall art, and some gold and walnut wood accents to warm up the space.

Here are all of the sources for the design inspiration:

DIY Bathroom Makeover

If you want to watch this entire renovation unfold from start to finish you can watch it all here!

TWO bathrooms in just FOUR days! And we taped everything so that you can follow along:

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Finished Bathroom Reveal

We still can’t believe that we finished these TWO spaces in just FOUR days! We put up board and batten, painted, wallpapered, installed custom built-ins, put down flooring and decorated. In just four days!

We may have needed an entire weekend to recover after that, but it was totally worth it! Here’s what the finished spaces looked like:

beautiful modern bathroom makeover
modern bathroom reveal for business space
modern bathroom transformation

Adding small elements of wood throughout the room really warmed up the space and brought everything together.

walnut mirror on black board and batten in bathroom

In my opinion, the wallpaper was a home run! It was so easy to install, and is just the most perfect design for a hair salon ever.

The pattern is busy, making it an easy one to use to wrap around corners, etc. But not so busy that it’s overwhelming.

beautiful hair salon wallpaper

The built-in was a work of art. This guy wasn’t made during the four days, but it was transported and installed.

This staff bathroom needed a storage solution, and adding this quick and easy built-in was a simple way for everyone to store the accessories, etc that they need between appointments.

custom bathroom built-in

I absolutely love the wood inside and the painted outside to match the board and batten. It all came together beautifully.

custom built-in with wood interior

A few hooks for customers to hang their purse or jacket were a must for this commercial space, and these little walnut hooks were perfect.

walnut hooks on the wall for bathroom makeover
DIY bathroom makeover for a hair salon
dark brown bathroom vinyl plank flooring

I had plans to add more art to the space, but when it came time to style the space, I didn’t want to take anything away from the beautiful board and batten or wallpaper designs.

I decided just to add this one piece above the toilet to balance out the room, and I’m glad I held off there.

art in modern bathroom makeover

The second bathroom is almost identical to the first, but doesn’t have the built-in storage as it’s a bit more narrow.

modern bathroom makeover with dark board and batten
dark board and batten with wallpaper

Hope you all liked this bathroom makeover as much as we did!

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Wow! This modern Bathroom Reveal is absolutely stunning! What a gorgeous space! Everything from the black tub and shower frame, the champagne bronze faucets, and the wood vanity to the black ceiling and built-in storage units! What an incredible transformation! #modernbathroom #paintedceiling #blackceiling #blackandwhite #bathroom #remodel #renovations

Jenny Jimenez

Saturday 4th of September 2021

How did you do the board and batten above the toilet? We are running into the same situation. I’m nervous about putting it above the toilet and closing it in.

Unfortunately we can’t go behind the toilet as it is a super tight spot.


Tuesday 7th of September 2021

We ended up bringing the boards down as far as we could - within an inch or two of the toilet tank cover. We wanted them just high enough that you could take the tank cover off easily. Honestly the stop above the toilet isn't really noticeable!

Alyssa Vanwyck

Saturday 14th of March 2020

Sooo amazing! I think if I was using that bathroom I’d spend an extra 5 minutes in there just to admire it :) Great work


Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

Love the bathroom! How is the floor holding up? We’ve decided to go with vinyl plank flooring and I still haven’t been able to find a color I love. I sent my boyfriend a picture of your bathroom saying I decided what I want, haha. He told me to message you in hopes I’d probably stop driving him crazy over flooring samples. Can you please share the brand used or any recommendations. I read you said the color was saddle, but I can’t seem to find anything that looks the same. Thank you!

Melody K.

Thursday 12th of March 2020

Wow both bathrooms look beautiful! I love the wallpaper, perfect for a salon. Love the mirror you chose as well. You both do fantastic work!

Donna M.

Thursday 12th of March 2020

Stunning, absolutely stunning work! You are right, the wallpaper is perfect for a salon.