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Eight months


Eleanor is now 17 lbs, 4 oz, and 27 inches long!

You are getting stronger every day! You’ve started using the odd consonant sound (yay!) and you LOVE talking. Your bum shimmy is getting you everywhere you need to go – you’re not gonna rush the whole crawling/walking thing. You are content just spinning around in circles on the floor. You adore walks, swimming, and being outdoors in general. You are gentle with the puppies and they always evoke your sweet, contagious giggles. The puppies are loving you more and more everyday! (especially as you continue to drop food off your high chair…). You still love to eat and you’re finishing off all of our avocado, tomato, and sweet potato. You laugh when mommy and daddy are laughing (which is mommy’s new favourite thing!). You love your time with Uncle Matt – he’s teaching you to be a champion. Those little toothies are tough to push out, but they’re coming. So far, month eight is the best month ever!

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Love you baby girl :)


Elaine Bergshoeff

Thursday 11th of September 2014

So cute Lindi. Amazing how fast they change in only a month.!!