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How to Make a DIY Baby Infinity Scarf

Add this cute accessory to your little girls wardrobe and she will be stylin’ with momma. Learn how to make an easy DIY baby infinity scarf with this simple to follow tutorial.

Baby girl with flowered infinity scarf with text overlay

How cute is that baby infinity scarf?!? I love this project and how easy it is to make! The beautiful thing about beautiful baby girls is that there are a LOT of ways to accessorize them. It’s like having a doll again!

Does that make me sound like a bad mother? I hope not. I love picking clothing, and shoes, and hairpieces for her.
And if I can make the clothing and accessories… even better!

One day I was wearing my own infinity scarf, and since I love dressing my daughter like a miniature adult, I immediately had the idea to make her a scarf too.

Why make a baby infinity scarf?

Now I know you probably know what an infinity scarf is, but do you know why they are the perfect DIY project for babies?

1. A baby infinity scarf is easy to make.

It’s a very simple DIY project that you can make in an hour or less. You can use a sewing machine like I did or sew it by hand. To wear in colder weather, use a thicker fabric or you could even knit one if you have the skill. Either way, make sure the material has some give to it.

2. They are great to use as bibs.

Babies drool…A LOT! A baby infinity scarf is great for catching all the drool and you can easily wipe their chin when it gets really bad. They are much more stylish than a traditional bib, in my opinion. Can you put one on a boy? Of course you can, just use a boy themed fabric.

3. They make great accessories for little girls.

It’s hard to find accessories for baby girls that they will leave alone and not try to yank off, but so far this baby infinity scarf seems to be a win in the keeping it on department. You can also make them in any color to match any outfit and even cooridinate with you!

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Materials for DIY Baby Infinity Scarf

Fabric scissors and marking pen for DIY baby infinity scarf

Step 1.

Measure and cut your fabric. When I originally made this project, I cut a 9″ by 43″ fabric piece, which fit my daughter from 3-6 months. Now, my daughter wears a 9″ by 46″ scarf (she is currently 9 months), and I suspect it will fit until 12 months.

Flowered fabric laid out on cutting mat

I like to lay the fabric out on my cutting mat and pull it straight to eliminate any creases or wrinkles. This is to ensure the measurement is correct and you don’t end up with too much or too little fabric.

Measuring tape being held against flowered fabric

Step 2.

Fold the scarf onto itself lengthwise, right sides together. You should have a long 4.5″ by 46″ piece. Pin it together if necessary. My fabric stuck together without pins so I didn’t use them.

Fabric for baby infinity scarf folded in half with outside of fabric showing

Step 3.

Sew one of the short ends, and the entire length of the scarf together, using a 1/2″ seam allowance. One short edge should still be open when you are done.

Sewing edge of fabric on a sewing machine

Step 4.

Bring the entire scarf right-side out by pulling it through the open edge. Try to bring the corners all the way out so that the scarf is rectangular. A pen or scissors can help pull the corners out.

Flowered fabric for infinity scarf on a woman's finger tips

Step 5.

Once the scarf is right-side up, take the raw edge of your open edge, and fold it inwards (inside the opening) about 3/4″ or 1″. Then place the other (sewn) end of the scarf inside the opening. Be careful not to flip your work. The seams should line up on the same side. Pin it together to hold it in place.

Folding edge down on baby infinity scarf to create a seam
hand holding baby infinity scarf with ends tucked into each other.

Step 6.

Finally, sew the open end closed using a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Flowered material being sewed with sewing machine.

There you have the finished baby infinity scarf! How cute is that? Everything is so much cuter in miniature, don’t you agree? Did I mention it’s also great for catching baby drool? Much more fashionable than a bib, in my opinion.

Image of finished baby infinity scarf

My daughter wore this baby infinity scarf when she was barely sitting, and now wears a bit bigger version. Since she makes such a good model, here are some photos of her with her adorable scarf.

Baby girl sitting in a red bumbo seat wearing a flowered baby infinity scarf
Baby girl sitting in the leaves on the ground with a flowered baby infinity scarf.
Baby girl sitting on the ground between a rottweiler and a collie

This baby infinity scarf DIY is a simple project you can do in an hour or less, they make great gifts and your little girl will be so cute wearing one of her own!

As a caveat, I will say that I only put this scarf on my daughter when I’m holding her, or taking photos of her. I would not recommend leaving your child alone with a scarf on…But as long as she is safe and supervised, it looks adorable!


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Thursday 7th of June 2018

I have been looking all over Pinterest for a simple, straightforward Infinity Scarf tutorial to use, and yours is just what I was looking for! Clear instructions, great pictures! Every pregnant friend of mine, including myself, is having a girl, and I ❤ these little scarves! I really appreciate you taking the time to explain the process understandably. Your daughter is such a sweetie! I can't wait to get started. Thanks again!

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Friday 4th of September 2015

When purchasing how much fabric did you buy to make 1?


Friday 4th of September 2015

You only need 9" x 46". I think I bought 1.5 meters, and then I was able to make a few scarves out of it :)


Saturday 31st of January 2015

Love. Thank you!


Saturday 31st of January 2015

You're welcome! Glad you love it :)