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Wood Slice Christmas Tree

Wood Slice Christmas Tree

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Looking for a quick and easy DIY holiday project with a big impact? I might have just the right project for you! I don’t always post on a Saturday, but I was excited to share my final Christmas post of the season with you! Wood slice projects are all over Pinterest and based on how easy it was to create this project, I can see why they are so popular! I hope you like this simple Wood Slice Christmas Tree

Wood Slice Christmas Tree


Miter Saw
Birch branch
Chalkboard frame
Hot glue gun

Wood Slice Christmas Tree

Every time I see a fallen birch branch I pick it up and take it home. Ok… well… I don’t stop the car to grab one, but I do love birch branches. This project starts with a tree branch. Once you have one, you need to cut a number of slices using your Miter Saw. You have to be VERY careful doing this, because the branch will not always sit flat against the saw for the cut, and could easily kick the branch back at you. If you have experience with the saw, just be sure to hold it or clamp it tight each time. If you don’t have experience ask a friend or family member to cut it for you :)

Wood Slice Christmas Tree

You’ll notice that in the photo above, I didn’t pay too much attention to giving my pieces the same width or height (width will naturally change as you cut the branch!). Nor did I cut off the excess bark or the the knots. I wanted the piece to be as rustic and natural as possible.

Wood Slice Christmas Tree

The next step was simply to arrange the birch pieces onto my chalkboard frame (which is from Close to My Heart), and to hot glue them into place once I was happy with the arrangement. If you don’t have a frame, you could easily buy some chalk paint and paint a cardboard backing to fit into any frame you have :)

It took me about 10 minutes to cut all of the birch slices, 10 minutes to arrange them in a way that I liked, and 10 minutes to glue into place! I LOVE a quick project!

Wood Slice Christmas Tree Wood Slice Christmas Tree Wood Slice Christmas TreeWood Slice Christmas Tree Wood Slice Christmas Tree

I hope you liked this wood slice Christmas Tree!

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