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Spring Cleaning

The one thing I don’t like about winter ending: the start of spring cleaning.
I think the fact that I chose, of my own free will, to clean my home from top to bottom classifies me as an adult. It is official.
Gone are the days of “No mom. I’ll do it later…” and coming are the days of “No mom, I’ll do it later!” lol.

Spring cleaning this year was a full day event, and we’re not even done yet.
We tackled a LOT of area over one day… with a baby I might add!
All of the normal cleaning (bathrooms, floors, counters, laundry, baby changing, etc.), but then on top of that we cleaned baseboards, windows, fridges, cupboards, blinds. We went cleaning cray cray.
Notice no pictures of us… no one needs to see pictures of gross, messy, cleaning machines, haha.
I’m writing this post primarily so that I can look back on this weekend one day when I have four needy children, a puppy, and a chaotic home and say, “Look… once, way back then, I use to clean my house!”
Despite wasting an entire Saturday with housework, it feels really good to have the place all spick ‘n span!
 Next step: this (below) mess. The pantry will be organized one day!
(half the stuff isn’t even pictured because I removed/sorted it already)
I already bought some nice shelf liners, and some perfectly sized bins to label and sort items (one of them is pictured… with a bunch of junk thrown in to test if the size was right, lol).
Excited about organizing a pantry? Definitely classifies as adult behaviour.
Do you have an annual Spring cleaning plan? Or do you clean well all year long (unlike me!)?
Happy Spring!

Jen Claus

Thursday 15th of May 2014

I'm waiting for it to warm up here so I can start spring cleaning! Because it usually involves me washing all the stuff I never wash (quilts, covers for kids things, etc) and hanging them out on the line to dry... nice and fresh! :) Last year I went crazy with the spring cleaning, but I think that was because I was pregnant and nesting!also, I would never be able to keep a bag of choc chips like that in my pantry without eating them all, haha.

Lindi V

Thursday 15th of May 2014

That's for baking Jen!! Lol. If they were already made into cookies I wouldn't be able to resist either, haha