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Peg Board Desk Organizer

This Peg Board Desk Organizer is a simple and fun DIY that makes organizing easyWe are back again with another AMAZING group of projects for the Monthly Home Depot Gift Challenge (not associated with Home Depot… we just like them!). This month’s item was chosen by Shannon at Churchill DIY Mill. She picked the very popular Peg Board, and chose a project for anyone in the home! That includes me, right? I hope so because this month, I selfishly made myself a gift! Ever since I completed my Custom Craft Space I’ve been dreaming up a magazine holder slash  tablet stand for my desk. Naturally, I put all both  ideas together this month to create my Peg Board Desk Organizer!

Use a peg board to organize desk items like your phone, chargers, or notes


Two 12″x9″ Pieces of Peg Board
Two 12″x5″ pieces of MDF
1/2″ wooden dowels
1/4″ wooden dowels
Spray paint (your choice of colours!)
Wood glue
Nail Gun
Mitre Saw, Table Saw, and Drill Press

Cut the peg board down to the size desired for your desk space

To start, if you don’t already have the right size, you may need to cut down your Peg Board to the correct 12″ x 9″ size. I choose that size because I knew it would allow me to hold my cell phone and tablet on the desk at the same time.

Adjust the table saw to a 30 degree angle to cut the MDF board

Next, adjust your table saw to a 30 degree angle to make the MDF cuts.

Cut pieces of MDF for the back of the peg board

One of your two 12″ x 5″ MDF boards will act as the base. The other will be cut into three pieces. Cut the board at an angle at 1 1/4″, then 1 1/2″, and the final cut will be straight and cut to fit the base piece.

Use wood glue and a nail gun to secure the MDF board to the peg board

Use wood glue and the nail gun to hold the top boards in place.

The MDF board stand will hold the peg board organizer

Place the second board by measuring the space needed for the peg board that will be inserted. Mark where the board will be glued, and follow the same process as above to glue and nail the board in place. Repeat with the final piece of MDF.

My peg board desk organizer design required pegs, so I used both larger and smaller pegs

My particular peg board plan also required pegs! To make these, I bought two different sizes of pegs. Then I (err…my husband, lol) drilled holes halfway through the wider pegs, using the drill press. Then he cut the smaller pegs to fit, and glued them into the larger dowels. We made 10 of these. Perfect!

I spray painted my peg board organizer white, but you can choose whichever color you like!

We spray painted the base, and the peg boards white.

Paint the pegs another color - whatever coordinates with the decoration of your space

Then we spray painted the pegs teal – to match the colour scheme or the room already :)

You can move the pegs around to hold and organize whatever desk items you have

Now you have a versatile, and functional desk organizer!! I love it so much already. I use it constantly!

It can act as a charging station for my phone or my tablet. I put my daily to-do lists on the post-its so that I can easily grab the list and cross items off as I finish them!

This peg board desk organizer is the perfect fun organizer for your desk space

I can also adjust the placement of the pegs to hold whatever I deem necessary! Sometimes I like the tablet at the front. That way I can scroll through Pinterest for inspiration while I’m working :)

You can move the pegs around on this peg board organizer to accommodate whatever desk supplies you have

The boards are removable, if you want to just take off the front board to stare at the back board. And the pegs can be placed in the front or back peg board.

Turn this peg board organizer into a charging station for your phone or tablet

Above, I kept the pegs in the back board to hold up my tablet. Below, I removed the pegs and used the back as a magazine holder. Endless possibilities!

Remove the peg from the back peg board and turn this organizer into a magazine holder

I’m so, so pleased to have another personal piece in my craft space!

You can also make a hanging peg board organizer for the wall These peg board office organizers are the perfect way to tidy up your office space Whether you use this organizer as a charging station or as extra storage, this is a perfect way to clean up your office desk

I hope you found some inspiration from my desk organizer!

Click the images below to see some more AMAZING Peg Board projects below! I’m truly blown away by this talented group of bloggers!

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