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Mod Podge Recipe Box

I have never owned a recipe box. Never.
My mother-in-law told me I should buy one, but instead I decided to make one!
All of the individual tasks weren’t difficult, but it felt like it took a while to finish it because I had to keep stepping away to let things dry or settle and coming back the next day. Lots of little steps.
Here are the materials I used:
Wooden box (I bought one from Michaels)
mod podge & paintbrush
spray paint
scrapbook paper of your choice (I used Clementine coordinating paper from Close To My Heart)
piece of cardboard
workable fixatif spray (if desired)
any decorative elements you want (I used a fake keyhole and brads)
1. Remove hardward from wooden box
2. Spray paint along outside and inside of box. Two coats required at least. I used a cream colour.
3. Measure and cut paper to fit around the lid, on top of the lid and the outside edge of the box (tracing may be more effective). I also cut a piece to fit inside the lid when it’s open.
4. Adhere all papers using mod podge. Smooth out any air bubbles with your hands. Allow to dry.
5. Use the cardboard to cut out a desired shape for the top of the box (e.g. a diamond). I used my cricut to cut out an interesting shape. Cut scrapbook paper to fit cardboard shape.
6. Stamp words onto top shape. I wrote “family recipes” with a light brown ink and different letter stencils. You could also easily print the words you want to use from the cumputer straight onto your scrapbook paper before you cut it.
7. If desired, spray the inked section with workable fixatif (to prevent ink from bleeding). Allow to dry.
8. Add top shape to box, and any decorative elements you desire. I put brads on the edges of the top piece so that it flowed with the rest of the design nicely. (see below)
Pieces all cut for the edges
Scrapbook paper adhered with mod podge.
Not as quick and dirty as some of my other projects, but equally nice! I love how it turned out. I keep writing out new recipes on cards just so I can add them to the box :) Time well spent.Here’s the finished product (I made the section pieces to match too!):




Jen Claus

Wednesday 19th of June 2013

I think that a recipe box is an essential Holly Housewife item... ;)Very nice!