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How to Make Freezer Paper Onesies

I was getting ready to help host another baby shower and looking for a fun crafty activity
(cause that’s what I do… ).
So I decided to paint onsies at the shower!
Here’s how I made them, with the practice ones at home.
First I bought fabric paint, and lots of onsies in different sizes (0-3 mos, 3-6 mos, etc.).
In this case, we knew my friend was having a baby boy, so we picked boy coloured onsies, and coordinating paint colours.
We printed pictures off of the computer, and traced them onto Freezer Paper (found in your local grocery store!). Then I used my crafting knife to cut out the parts of the shape that I wanted to paint.


For this batman symbol, I cut out the yellow area so that I could paint that section.
Then I cut a peice of freezer paper to put behind it (in the middle of the onsie). That way the paint won’t bleed through to the other side of the onsie. Then you iron on the freezer paper. Both the front stencil, and the piece in the middle will adhere nicely to the onsie.


I painted with foam brushes because they fill nicely and don’t leave brush strokes. Once the paint dries, you can easily peel away the stencil, and you get a great outline of your picture!


Then I made mine more complicated by cutting out a stencil to cover up the yellow painted part, and allow me to paint the black sections. I did the exact same process (tracing, cutting, ironing, and painting).


And when you peel away the freezer paper – ta-da! Perfect super hero baby outfit!


And here’s the sample one my husband made :) The shower is for his good friend’s baby. A hobby of theirs is to go paintballing, so he decided to make a onsie that looked like it had been in a paintball fight, lol. It turned out amazing!
Stay tuned to see how it all worked at the baby shower!!