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Fall DIY Crafts

Just wanted to highlight a couple of the crafts I made this year to celebrate the fall season :)
Each of these was done on a very limited budget and/or used items that I already had in my cupboard/craft storage!


Fall Popcorn Candles
Crafts actually don’t get easier than this! All I did was put popcorn kernels around some orange candles. Added the perfect touch to my mantle!



Fall Cinnamon Candles
This one is a bit more complex, but still very easy!
Tools: mason jars, cinnamon sticks, glue gun, unscented candles. (and anything you want to embellish with)
Instructions: Use the hot glue gun to adhere cinnamon sticks to outside of jars. Add candles inside. Decorate as you wish!



I chose to use a thick ribbon, and jute string to decorate them. BONUS: when you light them, you get a faint cinnamon smell wafting through your home :)



Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin
Again… super easy and self explanatory!
Tools: mason jar lids. Felt (or anything for leaves), Cinnamon sticks. String to attach lids.
Instructions: Gather old mason jar lids in a row so they fit neatly into one another. Tie them all together at the centre using string (I used jute string). Cut felt to resemble leaves. Put felt leaves and cinnamon sticks into centre to resemble the prefect stem! (you can hot glue them on if you wish).


Ta-Da! Simple fall crafts!


Jen Claus

Wednesday 23rd of October 2013

Mm I love these ideas.. I live vicariously through your crafting! :)

Jen Claus

Wednesday 23rd of October 2013

So I just said almost exactly what Lisa did.. Haha

Lisa T

Wednesday 23rd of October 2013

Mm I can smell that cinnamon from here :) love that idea!