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Heart Taggie Blanket

Looking for an adorable, homemade gift for you or your new baby? Follow this tutorial to make a heart taggie blanket for the little sweetheart in your life!

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There is nothing sweeter than a homemade gift for you or your new baby! When my daughter was born (over a year ago – eek!), I was overwhelmed with the time and effort that people put into their gifts for her! So, I’m paying it forward and making these homemade heart taggie blankets as my first of many homemade gifts for other little ones.

This heart taggie blanket is super soft for the littlest of hands.

With Valentine ’s Day quickly approaching, I knew a heart-shaped blankie would be a great gift idea to highlight the holiday, but would also be cute and feminine.

Start by printing this template:

Heart Taggie Blanket


1 Minky fabric

1 soft flannel fabric

Fabric pen or pencil

Variety of ribbons


Coordinating thread

Sewing machine

Fabric for the taggie heart blanket

I know as soon as I saw this beautiful heart minky fabric from Pick Your Plum that I would be making something beautiful with it!

Making the outline for the hear taggie blanket

To start, print the above template and cut out the “half-heart.” Use this template to trace the heart shape onto each of the two fabrics, using a fabric pen or pencil (Sorry! My fabric pen is so faint in the picture!). I did this by first tracing a straight line—using a ruler—as the centre of my heart, then lining up the template on either side of the line, and tracing the outline.

Make sure you cut a half inch away from the outline of the heart taggie blanket

Now it is time to start assembling your heart taggie blanket.

Next, you want to cut out your fabric hearts. I cut approx. 1/2″ away from the line on each heart so that I would have a seam allowance (later you will sew directly on that heart outline).

Line up the fabric of the heart taggie blanket so the "good" sides are facing each other.

Next, line up the fabric hearts so that the “good” sides are together.

Ribbons for the heart taggie blanket
Pin the ribbons in place.

Then, design where you want your ribbons to go. Cut each ribbon into a 5″ piece (you want your tags to be about 2″ each).

I chose coordinating ribbons and colours for Valentine’s Day. I also ordered them in a pattern, but you can do whatever you like! Make sure to leave approx. an inch between each ribbon and pinned all of the ribbons in place.

Put the good sides of the ribbon together and allow the ends to stick out slightly.

Sew the heart along the lines you traced originally, leaving a gap at the bottom to pull the inside of the heart through. Then, cut off any excess fabric around the edges.

Sew the heart taggie blanket together at the outline

Pull the heart right-side out through your opening, then sew along the edges once again. I had a very small seam allowance. This time, you can sew all the way around, including closing the opening you had previously left.

This heart taggie blanket is almost complete. Sew along the outside edge one more time.

And that’s it! A beautiful gift for a new baby!!

My daughter LOVED her taggie blanket SO much! I cannot wait to give these to some more little girls that will LOVE them as well :)

These heart taggie blankets are so soft!
Ribbons on the heart taggie blanket
This sweet, homemade heart taggie blanket will surely be a favorite!
Folded heart taggie blanket
Completed heart taggie blanket

Hope you liked the tutorial!

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