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Fall DIY Decorating

Is it lame to decorate your house for each season?
It might be…
I didn’t pick all the seasons though… just my two favourites: fall and Christmas :)
I just l-o-v-e the fall!
Not the ghost and witch version, but the leaves and pumpkins version ;)
I’ve never decorated for a season before, but this year I had two events on the go – a fabulous fall-themed girls party and hosting a family Thanksgiving meal!
More than enough reasons for me to craft up some fall decoration ideas!

Here are some of the results so far:

A simple fall centerpiece for the table :)

Some quick additions (owls, pumpkins, orange candles…) to liven up the cabinet.

A DIY mantle piece banner :)
For this, I cut the letter stencils out using my cricut and spray painted the letters onto burlap.
(or rather, my husband spray painted… helping his preggo wife once again!)

And a DIY wreath for the front door!


Ahhh… ready for all my fun.
The house looks and smells like the fall now.
Smells like fall partially because of the cinnamon candles, and partially because of all the baking treats (more to come!).