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Rustic Advent Calendar

Beautiful DIY Rustic Advent Calendar! You’ll love this Christmas calendar, especially the chalkboard ornaments!

Alright… I recognize that this may be a bit late… considering that we only have a few days until December 1st, but if there are any advent calendar’s that you can make in only 1 night, this is the one! I really wanted an advent calendar that my daughter could enjoy, so I came up with this rustic advent calendar idea, and I LOVE it! You won’t believe how easy it is to make :) 

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Rustic Advent Calendar

How to Make Your Rustic Advent Calendar


Step-By-Step Tutorial for Your Rustic Advent Calendar

wood planks

Start by staining those four 30″ boards with dark walnut stain. This dark walnut is the most perfect rustic stain.

Clamped wood

I wanted my rustic advent calendar to sit flat on the wall, so I used my Kreg Pocket Jig. It’s the BEST way to attach boards – just drill into the holes on the jig and screw the boards together.

attaching wooden boards
ornaments attached to the Rustic Advent Calendar

Once I had my boards attached, I stuck tacks into the edges to hold the jute string in place so that I could hang all of my beautiful chalkboard ornaments.

wooden board with text

The chalkboard tape at the top is the perfect addition to let you get creative! Draw a picture, post a Merry Christmas message, or show off a simple Christmas count down like I did.

black ornaments with chalk writing

As we take the ornaments down, we can take turns writing on them or drawing pictures. I helped my daughter put a couple pictures on these ornaments already :) Then you can use them as decor, or hang them all over your rustic Christmas tree!

Rustic Advent Calendar

I plan to replace all of these empty clothespins with Christmas cards as they start rolling in! Maybe I’ll share that on my Instagram page later in the year. I hope you enjoyed seeing how we made our rustic advent calendar!

Rustic Advent Calendar
black ornament for Rustic Advent Calendar
Rustic Advent Calendar

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Rustic Advent Calendar
Rustic Advent Calendar

Rustic Advent Calendar

Yield: 1

Beautiful DIY Rustic Advent Calendar! You’ll love this Christmas calendar, especially the chalkboard ornaments!


  • Four 30" long 1x6" boards
  • Dark Walnut stain by Minwax
  • Kreg Pocket Jig
  • Jute String
  • Tacks
  • Clothespins
  • Chalkboard Tape
  • Chalkboard Ornaments


  1. Stain four 30" boards with dark walnut stain
  2. Attach the boards using a pocket jig
  3. Stick tacks into the edges to hold a jute string in place
  4. Hang the chalkboard ornaments on the string using clothespins
  5. Apply chalkboard tape at the top if you want to post a Christmas message 

Jane @SustainMyCraftHabit

Monday 28th of November 2016

Love this idea Lindi! It looks so unique and nice and will be really useful as a Christmas card display. I'm sure your daughter will love getting her ornament each day! Pinned for later :)

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