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Eleven Months

11 Months

Evelyn is now 20 lbs, 6oz., 28 inches long, and eleven months old. 

We are already at the second last month of updates! If you are new around here, I take one post a month (until my babies are one) to share updates on my littles. Evelyn has not stopped moving since the last time we spoke. She eats more than I do, yet she has hasn’t gained a full pound. The girl loves to move. Crawling from room to room, walking along furniture, and oh! a new one… climbing up stairs! Needless to say the baby gates are a necessity at this point. She also loves music just as much as her Daddy and big sister. She does a mean bum wiggle whenever a decent beat starts playing.

If hide-n’-seek was an olympic sport, she might win. She finds me no matter where I am in the house. I look down, and there’s a little mama’s girl tugging at my pant legs. I secretly love it though :)

Evelyn’s perfect baby grin is aided by her six baby teeth. We went through a pretty hefty teething week and all survived [side note: only getting three hours of sleep when you’re not use to it is a horrible form of torture]. She smiles all day long, laughs her head off at peek-a-boo, and adores her big sister. I could spend all day staring at those big blue eyes! Life with two girls is bliss.

My girl at eleven months:

11 Months 11 Months 11 Months 11 Months 11 Months 11 Months 11 Months 11 Months

Brace yourself for the cutest sister pic you’ve ever seen….

11 Months

***heart melting***

Life. Is. Perfect.



Thursday 8th of September 2016

Aw my heart is melting too! So sweet. What cute littles you have :)


Thursday 8th of September 2016

Aren't they the best?! LOVE the pics of the two of them :)

Laurie V

Thursday 8th of September 2016

So sweet!!