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Baby Doll’s Crib

A beautiful DIY Baby Doll’s Crib with free downloadable woodworking plans. This DIY baby doll cradle will be loved for years by your littles ones. A great tutorial for that perfect piece of DIY baby doll furniture.

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It’s that time of the month again! We are completing our second month of the Home Depot Gift Challenge. This month, it was my turn to choose ONE product and ONE recipient. I chose to have everyone use wooden dowels in a gift for a child. My husband and I were already planning this project for our friends’ daughter. I’m so glad I could make our Baby Doll’s Crib fit into the challenge perfectly this month!

Home Depot gift challenge

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I promise that I will not always complete projects that are this difficult! I would NOT have been able to do this on my own. But if you have intermediate woodworking skills (or access to someone like me!!), Then you definitely can do it!

Image of wooden rods for a diy baby doll's crib

Everything You Need to Make This DIY Doll Cradle:


1 4’x4′ 1/4″ thick plywood
3 7/16″ dowels x 48″ long
1 1/2″ dowel x 48″ long
1 3/4″ thick – 12″x96″ pine shelf board
8 1 1/4″ screws
wood glue
Plus the tools you see below!

If you would like to try this project out for yourself, download the doll cradle plans here:

DIY Baby Doll’s Cradle Plans

The crib plans pretty much tell the story, but I wanted to include pictures of the process to, so here are a few collages to give a step-by-step photo guide.

Start by making the headboard and footboard.

Image collage of woodworking the DIY baby doll's crib

Next, we cut the wood slats for the crib rails.

Image collage building a DIY baby doll crib

Then we did the drilling and sanding for the crib rails.

Image collage of building a DIY baby doll crib

This next step is optional. We used the router to cut a grove into the wood, that would exactly fit our piece of trim. This was ALL my husband’s idea and he was right, because it looks amazing on the final product!

Image collage of woodworking a baby doll crib

Here’s where those amazing dowels came into play! We cut the dowels to fit perfectly into the drilled holes and glued them in place between the side rails.

Creating the rails for a baby doll crib

You could easily just nail or screw the floor into the bottom of the crib frame, but we routered out slots to side the floor into :)

Assembling a DIY baby doll crib

One last spot for those wonderful wooden dowels to shine! We used them to plug the holes from drilling the rails into the headboard and footboard.

Assembled baby doll crib

Then, you can use all of the templates in the Doll Cradle Plans (downloadable above) to cut and mark the wood pieces to add the rockers to the bottom.

Image collage of a baby doll crib

Add the rockers on, glue them in place, and wait for it to set!

Image collage of assembling a DIY baby doll's crib

This was our final product before we stained it. Soooo happy with the final product!

Assembled baby doll's crib

Since this was a gift… might as well wrap it the way a child would like! We formed a house shape out of some huge cardboard pieces that were lying around the garage, then we covered that with kraft paper and used sharpies to decorate our wrapped up house :)

Homemade gift wrap
Homemade gift wrap

The final crib!

Finished DIY baby doll's crib

We cut this heart shape out of the footboard of the baby doll’s crib, which I LOVE!

Finished DIY baby doll's crib
Finished baby doll crib

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Finished baby doll's crib

She may be a bit young for it now, but I’m sure our friends’ daughter will have a lot of fun with her baby doll’s crib over the years :) There is something so special about building DIY baby doll furniture, like this baby doll’s crib, for kids!

Finished DIY baby doll's crib

We also made this beautiful DIY Craft Station for our girls an they LOVE it!

Child's craft station

I’m not the only one that had fun with wooden dowels this month. Check out these other AMAZING projects! I’m SO blown away by the creativity in this group!

Click the pictures below to find out how they made each project!

Image collage

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And follow the links for more great projects :)

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Dan Dunn

Saturday 15th of January 2022

A helpful comment: the list of material needed showed 3 - 7/18" dowel rods which should be listed as 3 - 7/16" dowel rods.


Sunday 23rd of January 2022

Thank you!

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Bill Conklin

Monday 27th of February 2017

I am a retired Carpenter, and my hobby is woodworking, The crib Plan Is very easy to do and I thank you for the Plans. Only thing I did different was that I spiraled the the dowels for the side rails. Anyway You did a Great job making the crib, no spaces in your joints everything fit tight.. again great job and thank you.... Pop

P.S in your plans you have TYP in certain areas, I am not familiar with that, what does it stand for.??


Monday 27th of February 2017

Hi Bill! Thank you so much! We are always happy to hear from people who loved building our projects! TYP stands for "typical", so for instance, only one dowel was dimensioned, but was noted as typical, meaning all the other ones have the same dimensions :)