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Stenciled Christmas Pillow

A quick and easy tutorial for making your own stenciled Christmas pillows! Use stencils from Cutting Edge Stencils to make these festive Christmas pillows for your own home.

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Are you addicted to throw pillows? I hear it can be contagious…  It’s SO hard to resist those beautiful seasonal pillows that they have at every home decor store right now! I love them all.

That’s why I was so excited when I heard that Cutting Edge Stencils was selling DIY pillow stenciling kits. Who doesn’t want to customize a pillow for their home?! Today I’m sharing my custom stenciled Christmas pillow.

my custom-made stenciled mitten pillow

*This post was sponsored by Cutting Edge Stencils. For more information, please read my disclosure policy.*

After you purchase one of the Holiday Stencil kits, you will receive everything you need to complete your stenciled Christmas pillow, including an instruction book. The stencils arrive attached to the pillow cover so that you can get started with painting right away!

How to Make your own stenciled Christmas Pillow

Mitten craft for the stenciled Christmas pillow

I used the Mittens Craft Stencil for my pillow.

Stencil before applied to the stenciled Christmas pillow

You can easily paint the entire stencil one colour and it will look amazing. I opted to use two different fabric-friendly colours on my stencil. Since I didn’t have a second roller, I used a foam brush to dab on the gray layer first. It worked perfectly!

Stencil with paint on it for the stenciled Christmas pillow
Mitten stencil with paint for the stenciled Christmas pillow

Once the gray was dry, I added the red paint using the roller for some parts, and a thinner foam brush for the more intricate parts of the design.

Painting Christmas Pillow Stencil

When I pulled the stencil off, it looked amazing! I was honestly a little bit shocked that none of the paint bled through the stencil. All of the edges were very crisp!

Completed stencil painting for the stenciled Christmas pillow

Add Embellishment to your Pillow

Cutting Edge Stencils also has a few great decorative items that you can add to your stenciled Christmas pillows to embellish them, such as rhinestones, studs, and tassels. I chose to use the large crystal rhinestones and add a little bit of glam to my warm, winter mittens.

Rhinestones added to the stenciled Christmas pillow
Stenciled Christmas pillow with rhinestones
Close up of the stenciled Christmas pillow

When you are all done, you simply pull the cardboard out from inside the cover, and stick the pillow that came with the kit inside. Voilà! Your stenciled Christmas pillow is complete!

Remove the cardboard from inside your stenciled Christmas pillow case

Now throw it on the couch with those other throw pillows, and enjoy! My daughter loves the rhinestones, and I love having a beautiful new seasonal piece.

Add the finished stenciled Christmas pillow to your furniture

What the stenciled Christmas pillow looks like when it's complete
Stenciled Christmas pillow finished
Christmas mitten pillow closeup
Completed stenciled Christmas pillow
Stenciled Christmas pillow stencil done

I hope you were inspired to make your own DIY throw pillows!

If you’re loving the mitten theme, check out this super easy DIY Mitten Garland I made!

DIY mitten garland

These simple burlap ornaments (with the template included!) were a huge hit in my home this year.

DIY burlap tree ornaments

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Wednesday 9th of December 2015

Such a cute pillow! I love Christmas mittens, and the rhinestones make them extra cute!

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