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Modern Scandinavian Christmas Decor

A beautiful modern holiday home tour full of Scandinavian Christmas decor! You will love the nordic influences in this Christmas home tour!

Easy entry decorations

Welcome to our holiday home tour! We always take a more modern and minimal approach to holiday decorating, but this year we did all of our decorating with a little bit of a nordic and scandinavian influence too! I love mixing all of the natural elements, and cozy atmospheres with the neutral holiday colours I’m used to. I hope you enjoy seeing how we meshed them all together with our scandinavian Christmas decor!

Our Christmas Home Tour Video

We also have a YouTube channel! We shared our entire home tour over on YouTube so if you want to see how our house flows from one room to the next, or want to see which furniture piece my husband never wanted me to buy, then you can watch the whole video.

Our Modern Scandinavian Christmas Home Tour

I have a whole lot of photos to share today! I’ll let the photos do most of the talking, and go through one room at a time.

Entryway Christmas Decorations

The entryway is one of my favourite spaces to decorate! With that gorgeous feature wall, you don’t have to bring in that much decor to make a big impact.

gorgeous green feature wall for Christmas

We added some natural greenery and branches, as well as some faux furs and blankets to keep the space feeling cozy.

The beautiful holiday prints are an easy way to fill shelves or consoles and keep the modern, minimalist vibe. I also love the simplicity of just putting some mini ornaments into a bowl!

Bathroom Christmas Decorations

Moving down the hallway, the next room is the bathroom. I love putting a small touch of holiday spirit in as many rooms as I can, and that includes the bathroom.

holiday bathroom decorations

I only added some greenery to the countertop and then replaced the shelf decor with some holiday pieces

I played off the the black, white, and brass elements that were already in the space and continued the same colour palette.

black and white bathroom decorated for Christmas

Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Decor

The kitchen is a very important space in our home. Although I love decorating it, we have three children, and we cook in that kitchen every single day, so it needs to remain functional.

nordic Christmas decor

I love this little countertop vignette. The natural greenery, the chestnuts, the scandinavian design on the cookies. I love the look of this simple corner of decor.

Our bread station was a must in this kitchen because we bake our own bread from the sourdough station multiple times a week! Keeping out all of the flours, as well as the our mixer and our toaster, and decorating around them really help keep the space functional.

Then we move on to the coffee station, on the side of the kitchen, which I always say is one of my favourite spaces in the home.

coffee station decorations

Again, I added some simple, but elegant prints, and some greenery. Believe it or not, those clear reindeer were actually a dollar store find!

This little station is perfectly set-up for your afternoon coffee and cookie. I always love decorating open shelves because there is so much that you can move around or add to make the space feel festive.

modern kitchen decor for Christmas

Christmas Dining Room Decor

The kitchen is open to the dining room, which is also open to the living room via a huge vaulted ceiling. I love the way that this blue-green wall anchors the space.

stunning feature wall with Christmas decor

We switched the rugs up in here for the season and I love the colours in the rug and how they mesh with the rest of the space. We added a tree to the corner of this room so that we would be able to see one coming up the driveway. Simple greenery and simple black and white bulbs makes for a beautiful addition.

Table centerpiece with a lazy susan

The centerpiece of the table feels very nordic to me, despite the fact that the greenery isn’t real. Love the little house, and how everything looks just slightly elevated on that faux black marble lazy susan. And then the candle holders of course add a beautiful glow.

beautiful nordic holiday decor

We moved the bar cart over beside the cabinet and then did some fun styling with those mini black holiday trees and a little bottle brush tree forest.

gorgeous blue green feature wall with dining room decor

Modern Scandinavian Christmas Living Room

And finally, our living room! The heart of the home with our 9 foot Christmas tree and our stockings hung by the fire.

Beautiful Christmas living with vaulted ceilings room

I shared this photo above because I love how it shows off our vaulted ceiling! and how the hallway flows into the living room. It’s not a view I share very often, but it’s such a pretty view.

I love the coffee table styling. I put out the Christmas crackers that I made. We’re going to use and enjoy them this Christmas, so why not put them on display before we get to enjoy them?!

beautiful neutral living room decor for Christmas

I definitely feel like this is the coziest corner of my home so many textures, the fireplace on (which it is 90% of the winter here in Canada, lol), the glow of christmas tree – it just doesn’t get cozier.

I got my first tree collar this year, and I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to a tree skirt?! I love it so much! So sleek and so clean – definitely a good purchase!

The Christmas stockings were another new purchase this year. I just love these stockings. they are linen, and sleek, and look amazing next to our tiled fireplace. The simple leather tags were an addition from our Etsy shop and it’s been really fun to start making them and sharing them with others!

beautiful modern staircase at Christmas

Finally, we move to the desk beside the living room. This desk is usually filled with craft supplies and colouring books from my kids, but today all of the colouring supplies are hidden in the drawers because it was home tour day.

I love how multi-functional this space is. We’ve used it for so many different things over the years and no matter what the use is, it always looks beautiful. The shelves are very fun to style, and the high impact of the white cabinets and black vertical shiplap is always gorgeous.

holiday desk decorating

I hope you all enjoyed the home tour! Don’t forget to check out the beautiful homes of my blogging friends.

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Saturday 5th of March 2022

Good evening, It was daylight out when I started looking for something I saw on one of your videos. I'm now I couldn't even tell you which one.....hence, the reason I'm writing. I was watching your "Christmas", (yea, I know) videos that when you were showing your finished product, there was, I believe, a two tone flowerpot/vace with (stick figured like) green trees. Was that a diy you did? If so, for God's sake, can you please direct me as to where it is? My eyes need a break!!! I hope you understand what I'm talking about......THANK YOU!!


Monday 7th of March 2022

Hi! I'm sorry to say I'm not sure which vase or project you're referring to! lol. If it was a vase or flowerpot though, it probably was not a DIY - I haven't done too many projects in that category.


Thursday 9th of December 2021

Your home is so beautiful and I love all of your holiday decor.

Shreya @ The Creatives Hour

Wednesday 8th of December 2021

Your decorations are so unique. I love them! Thank you for sharing such creative ideas;)

Leslie Davis

Saturday 4th of December 2021

I love how seamlessly your Christmas decor is incorporated into your home.


Monday 6th of December 2021

Thank you so much :)


Saturday 4th of December 2021

The video was great,love the decorating


Monday 6th of December 2021

Thank you so much!