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One Year

One Year

Eleanor is now 20 lbs. 8 oz., and 29 inches long!

Where has the past year gone? It feels like just yesterday that I was hugging little Eleanor in the NICU, praying that she would come home soon (full birth story here). Now she is standing, climbing, cruising and, of course, dancing all on her own! She stands without support for a few seconds, and took her first couple steps for her Oma. She walks holding only one of mommy’s hands when she’s feeling brave. She flat out refuses to learn sign language, but babbles all day long. She’s loves music. If you hear a beat, you will find her clapping, shaking her bum, or singing to herself. She watches everything, and studies new objects in great detail until she has them figured out. She doesn’t just take everything “out”; she has also learned to art of things going “in” (which helps mommy with clean-up!).  Her hair is almost long enough for a first pony tail. She LOVES books. If you can’t hear her, she is flipping pages or reading in a corner somewhere. She is still stubborn, and still very proud of her independence.  She draws you into whatever she is doing: pointing, asking questions without words, smiling. She is curious, and energetic, and happy. If she’s tired she”ll concede to hugs and cuddles. Her love of life is contagious. She is beautiful. So far, this has been the best year ever!

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 We love you more and more each day :)
Happy Birthday!