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“I LOVE U” Baby Room Frame

Decorating a nursery gives me soooo much inspiration!
I have loved designing different elements for our baby’s nursery.
This piece I made was inspired by a picture I saw a long time ago. I re-posted that frame in my “Early Nursery Ideas” post.
I thought, “I could make that!” And I did…
Here’s how:
2 pieces of coloured cardstock to match your nursery
1 piece of white cardstock for the backround
One 12 x 12 frame
Cricut or letter stencils to trace the letters.
Glue pen


I used the cricut to perfectly cut out the alphabet twice out of the gray cardstock.
Then I cut the letters “I L O V E U” out of yellow cardstock – make sure these letters are the same size!
I overlayed the background white cardstock with the gray stencil page to make sure the alphabet would be centred within the frame.
Then I carefully glued each letter using a glue pen (found at Michael’s)


When you lift the stencil off, the letters are perfectly centred on the page :)
Place the paper in your frame and you’re done!
One simple afternoon of crafting!


I’ve had nothing but compliments since people have seen it in my nursery, and I’ve even loaned my cricut to help a few other people make them as gifts recently.


I love the personal touch that it adds to the nursery.

Jen Claus

Thursday 6th of February 2014

Very cute! I'm impressed that you made it yourself.. the Cricut must be a fun tool to work with.Also, I'm so glad that you had such a good experience with your doula! And, looks like you have been very blessed by those around you.... so glad! :)There, now I'm all caught up :)

Lindi V

Thursday 6th of February 2014

Thanks Jenny!