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How to Stamp on Muslin Bags

I decided to take the plunge and make an advent calendar this year :)
Step one: Decorating the Muslin Bags
Don’t these look adorable?


These muslin bags were perfect for a homemade advent calendar, all they needed was some decoration!


This is everything I used: 
Stamp pads: I used Grey (Slate), Green (Juniper), and Red (Ruby)
Close to My Heart Magical Days Stamps
Muslin bags
An Acrylic block (to stamp with)
A small piece of cardboard


For this project, all you need are some stamp stencils, ink pads, and muslin bags
These ink pads were perfect to stamp numbers on muslin bags for a diy advent calendar
These intricate number stamps were perfect for the muslin bags for this DIY advent calendar


Then it’s easy.
Simple place the small piece of cardboard inside your bags to prevent the ink from bleeding through the material. Use the stamp and ink of your choice and stamp onto the bag. I found I need to be quite firm with some of the stamp colours (e.g. Green) to ensure that they stamped clearly.


Firmly stamp the stencils onto the muslin bags, but make sure to use a piece of cardboard inside the bag to prevent bleed-through


And that’s it!
Stay tuned for my finished advent calendar :)
Stuff the muslin bags with your advent calendar gifts and you're all set!



Jen Claus

Monday 25th of November 2013

Interesting- I'm curious to see whats in the bags now. Nice job, it can't be easy to keep them from smudging!