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10 Things to do while Breastfeeding

I’m glad to be breastfeeding. Very happy!
But, for a woman like me that is always on the go, learning to slow down for breastfeeding can be a challenge. In fact, for me, it was nearly impossible.
Sometimes I relish the time to sit and relax and stare at how beautiful my baby is, but for the most part, I wish I was being more productive. Most of the time I’m feeling bad for sitting while my husband makes dinner (although I absolutely am doing something important too!). Most of the time I’m making lists in my head of things I can do once the baby is done feeding. Most of the time I’m grateful for that one free hand!

For those like me who like to keep busy (like me!), here are 10 things I do while breastfeeding:

    1. Read – Have some books to catch up on? Reading is a great way to pass the time while your baby is eating. When I read while I’m feeding her, the time flies by.


    1. Catch up on shows – This is an easy, effortless thing to do for the exhausted new mama. I definitely spent some early feeds watching shows. And amen to Netflix! Am I right?? I watched the entire series of Downton Abbey while I was feeding Ellie. Just pausing the show when she was done eating, and restarting it during the next feed.


    1. Visit with others – I have called people by phone, through Skype, and through FaceTime (with the screen angled upwards!). Since you’re sitting anyway, why not catch up with a friend or family member? Once I was more comfortable, I could feed her and visit with people anywhere! My kitchen table, Starbucks, the library… anywhere.


    1. Hydrate and have a snack – This is an easy, obvious one, but hard to do if you don’t plan ahead. Once you are in feeding mode, there’s no getting up for snacks. What I usually did was set up a water glass and a snack (e.g. a banana or a cookie) between feedings so that it was ready for me the next time I sat down to breastfeed.


    1. Plan – I often used this time to make grocery lists or plan things that had to get done that day. I wrote lists on post-it notes or on my iPhone while I was feeding.


    1. Rest – Its not often that we are forced to relax. Sitting while you breastfeed is as good an opportunity as any! Pray, meditate, breath deeply. Do whatever it is that makes you feel rejuvenated.


    1. Surf the web – if you have a smart phone or a tablet, this is especially easy. I spend lots of time on my iPad: checking others’ blogs, pinning on Pinterest, reading e-mails. In fact, its rare that I spend time online these days unless I’m blogging or feeding my daughter.


    1. Listen to your iPod or book on tape – For the music lovers out there. Breastfeeding offers the perfect opportunity to sit and listen. Take advantage.


    1. Text – If you only get a text from me once every few hours, now you know why! Feeding provides the perfect opportunity to catch up with your messages, and to text some recent phone pictures to your mom that lives 3 provinces away :)


  1. Be still. Connect and bond with your baby – This is the last item, but certain not the least important. It’s so important to just stop sometimes and remember how precious and important that little baby is. Stare into her eyes, smile at her, talk to her, and connect with her.
Obviously these are not the only ideas out there, but thats how I keep busy!
Anything you do (or did) while you breastfed that I left out?

Katie Vschaaf

Thursday 8th of May 2014

Yep, that's a good list going on. At night, I also wouldn't do anything or else I couldn't get back to sleep. Id feed and Greg would swaddle him and put him back in his bassinet. During the day, definitely snacking and drinking. I'd have a glass of water during the feed and a glass after. He stopped night feeds at 3.5 months and as thankful as I was then.. I miss the night time bonding.

Jen Claus

Thursday 8th of May 2014

I think you've got it covered pretty well! When J was younger I would read on the tablet (easier than turning pages with one hand for some books) or go online. Now I am usually just sitting on the couch or in the nursery not doing anything else.. he takes about 10 minutes max and shorter in the day. At night, I never did anything right from the start because I found it was harder for me to go back to sleep.