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Toilet Paper Roll DIY Gift Wrap

Got extra toilet paper rolls for crafts? Here’s how you can make some quick and easy toilet paper roll DIY gift wrap!

DIY gift wrap ideas for Christmas

I’m not a hoarder. I purge every single season, and rearrange rooms every month. But one thing that always seems to pile up, is craft supplies. I probably have a closet full of 30 toilet paper rolls right now! I always feel like, if I don’t use it, my kiddos eventually will! But I was looking for a creative way to share a Christmas gift, and I thought my Toilet Paper Roll DIY Gift Wrap just might be the answer!

Toilet paper rolls for DIY project

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I’m trying to teach my kids a lot about reusing and recycling things right now, which is another reason I’m hoarding things like toilet paper rolls.

Before I made this gift wrap, I actually let my kids go to town with colourful paints and some construction paper to make their own toilet paper roll stamping creations, and they absolutely loved it!

If you use toilet paper at your house, you can probably do this whole project for next to nothing! lol.

How to Make Toilet Paper Roll Wrapping Paper

The first step is to shape your toilet paper rolls. You can just use regular circles, or you can shape them into hearts, or stars or ovals.

I loves shaping them into ovals with points at either end, because you could overlap them beautifully to look like flower petals (as you will see below).

Next, dip your toilet paper roll into the paint and stamp your designs onto the paper.

Quick tip, if you’re making a random pattern, like I did, don’t space out your shapes too much, or you don’t see much of the pattern on your gift box.

Even the picture on the right above looks beautifully spaces from here, but if you’re wrapping a box, and only seeing a small section (e.g. 8 x 10), you can imagine how you would only end up seeing 5 or so stamps and it wouldn’t look evenly spaced.

Once I figured out the ideal spacing, it was smooth sailing. Only takes a few minutes to stamp, and a few minutes for the paint to dry. You can visit my “#stayhomeandDIY” saved highlight on Instagram for more video!

Finished DIY Toilet Paper Roll Gift Wrap

I really really love how this turned out! I would give these out as birthday gifts or Christmas gifts. I actually made extra and just rolled it up and stored it with my other wrapping paper so that I’d be able to use it again for the next gift wrapping session.

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas DIY

Below is an example of a stencil I did with pointed ovals as petals. LOVED that design and how cute it looks on the outside.

toilet paper roll heart, circle and flower stamps

If you have kraft paper gift tags, you can also use the toilet paper rolls to stamp those and write your message overtop with pen or marker afterwards.

Toilet Paper Roll DIY Gift Wrap

I used simple dried/faux eucalyptus and some leather cording to decorate the boxes and tie everything together.

Toilet paper roll stamped gift wrap
stamped kraft paper
Kraft paper gift wrap idea
modern birthday gift wrap
Eco-friendly gift wrap idea

Toilet Paper Roll Gift Wrap

Yield: 1
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Got extra toilet paper rolls for crafts? Here's how you can make some quick and easy toilet paper roll DIY gift wrap!


  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Paint
  • Tape
  • Kraft paper
  • Gift tags (optional)
  • Pieces to decorate with (greenery, leather cording, etc.)


  • N/a


  1. Fold toilet paper rolls into shapes (e.g. hearts, stars, or ovals), and tape in place if needed
  2. Dip toilet paper rolls in paint and stamp on kraft paper. Let dry.
  3. When dry, wrap gifts with kraft paper.


Watch my #StayHomeandDIY saved highlight on Instagram to see folding techniques.

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